Lil Nas X Splits His Pants While Playing On SNL


Lil Nas X let it all hang out during his debut on Saturday Night Live May 22.

The “Old Town Road” artist was the musical guest in the long series of humorous sketches, where he performed his last two singles. “Montero (Call me by your name)” and “Sun Goes Down”. During her sexually charged restitution “Montero” which included several male dancers and X himself performing on a pole, the Atlanta rhymer’s pants split mid-performance. Just before the awkward moment, X spins on the post. He turns and grabs her crotch with a very surprised look on his face. He continues to play, holding on for the duration of the set.

Shortly after the show, Lil Nas X took to social media to comment on the embarrassing incident. “NOT MY RIPPED PANTS LIVE ON TV,” Nas X tweeted. “OMFG NO.”

He added: “I wanted to do my pole routine so badly that what I get lmaoo … I know I do a lot of planned shit but ripping my pants off on live TV is not one of them … Au at first i was scared to even play. then we rehearsed for 2 weeks then all the dancers were taken out because one had covid and the new ones had to learn the routine in 24 hours then i was done by ripping my pants off and i couldn’t finish. everything is happening for some reason tho lol. “

He then posted a snippet of the incident on Instagram, poking fun at the blooper.

The appearance of Lil Nas X on the Saturday Night Live comes a month after show did a skit in which an actor posing as Nas X twerks on God, in response to the outcry over Nas X’s twerking about the devil in his “Montero” video.

“Montero” is currently # 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 after beginner at n ° 1.

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