Lil Reese says he would give money to 6ix9ine’s dad


It’s no secret that 6ix9ine love to troll lil reese, but it looks like the Chicago rapper may have given Tekashi a taste of his own medicine.

On Monday, June 28, Reese took to Instagram to troll 6ix9ine after reports surfaced that his the father is homeless. In the Sixth page item, released on June 25, elder Daniel Hernandez Sr. claimed his famous son would not help him.

“Where her daddy, I give her money,” Reese tweeted from her Twitter account.

As previously reported, Hernandez, 60, has been living in a shelter for two years. Despite The success of 6ix9ine, he apparently wouldn’t have lifted a finger to help his father.

“Now he’s going to know that I’ve been here (at the shelter) for, what, two years already?” He told the newspaper. “You think he would come hook me up with something.” He gave money to other people. He gives everyone money. “Here, here, here. “

6ix9ine and her father have reportedly been separated since the age of nine. Hernandez Sr. attempted to make amends in December 2019 when he appeared in the Brooklyn rapper’s conviction on racketeering charges. He was denied the opportunity to speak in court, but later said it would be better if his son was behind bars where he could be safe.

“I’m glad he’s safe in there,” he said outside the courtroom. “See what I mean? Because nothing is going to happen. Outside you know they are going to try to kill because of everything he was saying, blah blah. You know what I mean . I haven’t. It’s a scary situation. He’s a target, he’s a target. He can’t even hide. His face, his tattoos, ’69’, he’s not going anywhere. “

Apparently, since 6ix9ine’s release from prison in April 2020, Hernandez Sr. has not spoken to his son.

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