Lil Yachty says Nicki Minaj always blocked him on Twitter


Lil yachty wants Nicki Minaj to unblock him on Twitter. So much so that he even asked Duck to help.

In a video interview with TMZ Monday (May 31), Lil Boat explained that the Queen always blocked him on Twitter for standing next to Cardi B in its beef rap with Nicki. the The rhyme “One night” insists he loves Nicki and only supported Cardi because she is “related.” Cardi is married to Offset of the Migos which is signed to the same label, Quality Control Music, as Yachty.

“It’s the Barbz, man. They always kill me,” Yachty explained when asked about the Nicki-Cardi beef. “I woke up yesterday with a fiery heat under my Barbz butt. And the thing about that is, I think I’m just a big loyal supporter. I have a lot of love for Cardi. B and she’s a damn close family member so through everything I’m going to drive. “

Despite his alliance with Cardi, Yachty begged Nicki to forgive him to no avail. He even retweeted old tweets he wrote while in college, where he praised Nicki, to gain her approval.

“But I’ve never liked Nicki Minaj since I was a kid,” he said. “Yesterday I took to Twitter to retweet my college tweets praising Nicki, then took to Instagram live to let the world know that Nicki Minaj blocked me.”

Yachty even got help from an ally to see if it would work in his favor. “I even hit Drake, I’m like ‘Yo Drake, tell Nicki I love him. I love him to death,'” he said. “I checked this morning, I’m still stuck.”

Hopefully, in due course Yachty and Nicki will straighten things out and become friends on Twitter.

You can watch Lil Yachty plead her case for Nicki Minaj’s forgiveness below. Fast forward to the 1:30 mark.

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