Logan Paul Says All Lil Baby Songs Sound The Same, Baby Responds


An excerpt from an elder Logan paul podcast episode where he downplays the success of little baby and Baby’s music resurfaced online, and the Atlanta rapper fought back.

Thursday (July 8), an excerpt from episode 163 of the internet celebrity show Impaulsive The podcast, titled “We’re Done With Sex” and released on March 3, 2020, returned to social media. In the conversation, which covers the music and influential and hard-hitting artists of rock bands like The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin to Lil Baby and DaBaby, Logan Paul expressed his feelings on the Music Quality Control the sound of the artist.

“I’ll say it right away. little baby, it will appear on my Spotify, “Logan begins, acknowledging that the frequency with which he had heard Baby at the time could be attributed to the fact that he had given up on his second studio album, My turn, a few days before the podcast episode aired.

The exhibition fighter continues: “And I scroll and I can’t get away from little baby Songs. And I’m all for new artists, but like this one in particular, I have no idea what he’s saying. I don’t have one and everything sounds the same. His tone is the same, it’s all the same. I give it a year. “

Baby caught wind of the clip resurfacing and wrote via Twitter this morning, “Logan Who ?.” And in a follow-up message, the CEO of 4 Pockets Full Inc. leaned over and typed, “It’s more like giving a year to have 100ms 😤.”

Since Logan paulThe podcast episode has released, Lil Baby Ditched the Luxury to his February 2020 effort, My turn, has appeared on numerous projects and albums by his peers, and recently delivered his Billboard No. 1 joint effort with Lil Durk, The voice of heroes, last month.

Check out Logan Paul speaking about Lil Baby’s music around 10:34 am below.

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