Meet Tyler, the creator’s most outrageous tweets


From the moment he entered mainstream consciousness with “Yonkers”, a song and video from 2011 with death threats for Bruno Mars, cockroaches and creepy dilated pupils, Tyler the Creatorwas a certified wild boy. With an average sense of irony and a touch of chance, Tyler always had a knack for absurd humor, and this brand of comedy and outright nihilism has often crept into his tweets.

Since his arrival on Twitter in July 2010, Tyler the creator blurted out a lot of shocking posts that oscillate between random, offensive, and funny, often managing to be all three at once. Over the years he has drawn on NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, made inventive but outrageous observations on others, paired ice cream with seafood and more, on his way to becoming one of the most shocking tweeters on this side of Dril.

On Martin Luther King Day in 2014, Tyler laughed at the expense of the majority. “WHOA LOWKEY WE CAN BE EXTRA MIDDLE AND DRUNK TODAY FOR WHITES, IM GONNA SEE HOW MUCH I CAN GO,” he wrote in a tweet. On another occasion, he posted a photo of salmon that he mixed with ice cream. Seriously.

While Tyler can also tweet serious, real-time observations on his own music, and he can spill over to other things he rocks with, the rapper still takes time to get back to his absurd roots. Now, it’s time to take a look at the first examples of this, some of the reasons why NSFW.

Today, XXL take a look at Tyler the Creatorthe most scandalous tweets.

See Tyler, the creator’s most outrageous tweets

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