Morray keeps family close and shares Munchies snacks on ABC


Parade on his groundbreaking song “Quicksand”, co-signed by other MCs and alumni from North Carolina XXL Freshmen J. Cole and DaBaby, 2021 XXL First-year student MorrayPerhaps its most infectious quality is the spirit of the church. What fans will see in his version of XXL‘s ABCs is that its inviting aura extends beyond the microphone. This endows him with the ability to light up any room with his charisma and zeal. And it is a quality of a star that cannot be forced or faked.

To open the segment, the Fayetteville, North Carolina native discovers his snack selections every time he smokes. To quench his thirst, his mouth rushes to say apple juice for the letter A. Then, on a snack note, he associates the letter B with a bowl of cereal. “I’m telling you, 2 in the morning, after that blunt and apple juice, bowl of cereal,” he slaps everyone at his sight.

A little further in the alphabet, the 28-year-old melodist expresses the love he has for his people. “E, ebony” means Black, what I am, what I like, damn it, you say? he said with a beaming smile and a sneer. “I like everyone though,” he adds. Morray double that feeling when it gets to the letter J. “Justice, because we need to stop messing around.” We have to start getting this for ourselves.

Soon after, he inserts his stage nickname, which, with a few tweaks, doubles as a government name. “MORRAY,” he says in midair as if he’s on the Disney Channel with a sky blue wand in his hand. He also masters the kinetics. Speaking of entertainment, he actually has an appeal for acting and sometimes writes screenplays instead of lyrics.

Finally, as a father, Morray does not cross the finish line without doubling his family ties. “T stands for toddler,” he says. “I have a lot of children. I’m done, no more toddlers. And then for the letter W, the rapper humbly winks at the love of his life.” W represents the woman “, shares Morray. “I’ll say that in every interview. I don’t care because I’m married. I love it.”

Press play below to see Morray’s mind shine in his highly entertaining sound. ABCs.

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