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In a rough and robust voice, one of the most unique in the history of rap, DMX paints his songs with blunt lines about his troubled upbringing and the effects it had on him as an adult. During his three decades in hip-hop, he amassed millions of fans who rose through the ranks of his vulnerability and film storytelling. The rapper’s lauded tribulations often took center stage, but X’s words of faith were also associated.

One thing about DMX is that it has always maintained its relationship with God. Although he had embraced the darkness, he often thanked the man upstairs for providing him with a light to come out of it. While he became one of the most successful rappers in the world in his heyday, the fallen legend, whose death at the age of 50 was announced today (April 9), recognized that the divine creator had voluntarily amplified his voice to feed the main messages of the people. And that’s exactly what he’s done on every album and song he’s delivered.

On “Ready to Meet Him”, featured on The Dog’s second album in 1998, Flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood, he encourages his listeners to stay awake during difficult times. “No matter how hard it rains, resist the pain,” he prophetically spits. Likewise, his Slippin ‘wax therapy session, on the same project, find X offering words knowing that there is always a purpose in having life, even if it is not visible. “See, to live is to suffer but to survive / Well, it is to find meaning in the suffering,” notes the MC from Yonkers, NY. Real words.

Although today the demise of DMX has been revealed, his message will live on through the expressions he left throughout his life. famous platinum sell albums– many of which went No.1 on the Billboard 200 – and hundreds of songs. In light of his heritage, XXL highlights DMX’s most inspiring lyrics from his songs that can be applied in everyday life. Long live the DMX. The message will never fade.

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