Most Popular Hip-Hop Ad-Libs Right Now


The ad-lib is a quintessential power movement in hip-hop. With just enough flavor, it can level a song from middle to masterpiece. And on some occasions, the extra punch-in can play a big part in defining an artist for career extension.

Honestly, there is something energizing about 21 Wildad-libs magazine. As evidenced by Wild Mode 2 cutting “Runnin”, the words “Skraight up”, “21”, “On God” and “Pussy” are effective hits that make the verses more difficult.

Originally from the same SoundCloud Roots are artists like Playboi Carti and Lil uzi vert. Over the past half-decade, they’ve proven that if it’s done right, by adding a simple “What?” or “Yeah!” to a song is a cheat code to add to a hit. The proof is in Carti’s Whole Lotta Red the star of the album “Stop Breathing” and the Lil Uzi Vert Vs The World 2 favorite “Myron”.

Young thugThe sound effects are also elitist. Most people got wind of the peculiarity of his ad-libs when he dragged the word “Skrt” on his 2015 song “Halftime” for 12 seconds. But these days, on songs like Travis ScottBillboard Hot 100 n ° 1 loosie “Franchise,” Thugger can be identified by the term “Slatt”, which is easily one of the most used song terms and ad-libs in the entire rap game.

Like “Slatt,” a certain terminology can really live with artists forever. It’s only been a few years since DaBaby arrived in the spotlight of the general public, but already, his signature “Allons-y”, heard on “Lightskin Shit” assisted by Future, on DaBaby’s Blame it on baby album, is an impromptu addition that is unlikely to fade. Given the longevity of Rick Ross‘growl, people probably won’t get tired of it either.

These mentions barely scratch the surface. With the popularity of their use, XXL delved through the tracks of many artists to highlight 20 of the best ad-libs in hip-hop right now. Look at the ad-libs below.

  • “Skraight up”, “21”, “On God” and “Pussy!”

    21 Wild

    21 Savage’s ad-libs are so iconic they don’t really need a description. Simply put, they’re effective enough that the Atlanta rapper can pull out a full song out of them and people devour it. Those who randomly get the catchy phrases “Skraight up”, “21”, “On God” and “Pussy!” stuck in their heads can attest to that.

  • “Slatt”

    Young thug

    The “Slatt” ad-lib is used by so many rappers now, from Lil Yachty to YoungBoy Never Broke Again to Lil Uzi Vert and everyone in between. Credit can be given to Young Thug, who drops the term in almost every verse he skips over. Shout out to YSL for making it even more popular and creating the umbrella of rappers who unite using it.

  • “Let’s go!”


    DaBaby is passionate about his ad-lib “Let’s go”. Words come either at the top of a verse or halfway through a verse. But anyway, the effectiveness of the punch-in is like collecting a box of items in Mario kart for the rapper from North Carolina. It just adds more juice to the pipe.

  • “Brrrrd”

    Shy teddy bear

    The “Brrrr” ad-lib is far from new in rap music. We’ve heard it from Birdman and Gucci Mane before, but the latest to carry the icy torch is the rising rapper from Memphis. Shy teddy bear. Her voice is perfect for doing it.

  • “Ahhh”

    Megan Thee stallion

    When Megan Thee stallion doesn’t overlay the background of her verses with the “Real hot girl shit” tag, she sticks her tongue out and hits the “Ahhh”. This is appropriate, considering that it only happens after you breathe fire as usual.

  • “All right,” “Yeah!” and “It’s on!”

    Travis Scott

    Travis ScottAd-libs are part of the divine level of rap music. That he hits “Straight up”, “Yeah!” or “He’s on!” his signature terms are contagious. Stacked up, they’re the perfect extra layer to his Auto-Tune-filled verses.

  • “Hey!”


    Offset has a number of notable ad-libs, but perhaps one of the best is “Hey !,” and the echoing vibe with which it comes. As it should be, this ad-lib is sure to grab your attention. Which Migos ad-lib doesn’t?

  • “Aye, aye, aye !,” “Gllttt” and “Bow!”

    Fivio Abroad

    Fivio Abroad is always rapping to catch his sliding opponents. With the 2020 XXL Freshman’s distinctive “Bow !,” it’s obvious there is no cap when it comes to his familiarity with suspenders. Although he raps on the drill, his music is light and swaggy too, so the “Aye, aye, aye!” is perfect for “get alight” music that it also mixes with.

  • “Ew!

    Flo milli

    Flo milli is the last face of what can be described as pretty girl rap. Using trust as a key quality, she uses the “Ew!” Ad-lib. to show his disgust with the competition. She is clearly not impressed with many of the women and their movements here. It is daring for her.

  • “What the fuuuck!”

    Duke Deuce

    Most people say the phrase “Holy shit” in reaction to something that is happening on a daily basis, but it can be argued that no one has more power than Duke Deuce. The power of the phrase provides one hell of an ad-lib, as evidenced here. It sounds even better on wax.

  • “Hunhh”

    Rick Ross

    Since entering the game in the mid-2000s, Rick Rossgrunt has been one of the most popular ad-libs in the hip-hop world. The heavy sound effect represents the Boss in his bag. If you hear that growl in the background, just know that it’s banging on the mic.

  • “Skrt Skrt”


    Quavo himself is an ad-lib king. Most people connect it to the song of “Mama !,” but as we hear it on the Culture 2 album, plus the loosies and features he has delivered since, his new go-to is a melodic “Skrt skrt”. Don’t do it front, it just takes a song and a verse up a notch, does it?

  • “Yes!”

    Lil uzi vert

    Lil uzi vert“Yeah!” ad-lib is among the simplest on this list, but it certainly does carry weight. Illustrated throughout his Eternal Atake album and its luxury, the addition adds essence to a song, just like it did in 2016 when the Philly rapper burst into mainstream limelight. Perhaps it is Uzi’s distinctive voice that makes him so powerful.

  • “Huh” and “Woo!”

    Pop smoke

    No one can deny the fact that Pop smoke has one of the most unique voices in rap music. His ad-libs were top notch, especially his set featuring “Woo” and the use of “Huh”. His ad-libs were central to his music radiating star power. RIP to the Brooklyn Prophet.

  • “What!?” and yeah!”

    Playboi Carti

    Much like her “twin” Uzi, Playboi Carti ad-libs are the most common words in everyone’s vocabulary. A what !? ”or“ Yeah! ”Wouldn’t be as powerful in this case if it came from someone other than the Atlanta rapper, but you better believe that Carti perfected the science of their performance. These ads almost always steal the show.

  • “Yehh” and “Truuu”

    2 Chainz

    2 Chainz“Truuu” ad-lib from “Truuu” has been here since the days of the early 2007 “Duffle Bag Boy” arrival. It hasn’t gone missing since. He’s less used now by the veteran rapper, but as a replacement, the man once known as Tity Boi is good at dropping a “Yeahhh” in his southern twang.

  • “Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

    Westside Gunn

    One thing about Westside Gunn, he’s going to let this chopper sing in his music. The reference comes in the form of its ad-lib known as “Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!” These punch-ins have monstrous effects when it comes to showcasing the lyrics of his raw rap verses. It takes you right to the street, if you will.

  • “Ooh yeah”

    Ty Dolla $ ign

    Ty Dolla $ ignHis musicality is deep, driven by his roots in R&B. With the personal importance of gender in mind, Ty took a page from Jodeci’s old textbook and started using the phrase “Ooh yeah” to spice up his lyrics. It’s a great incorporation.

  • “Straight up” and “Woah”

    Big sean

    Since his first album, Finally famous, released in 2011, Big sean uses “Straight up” and “Woah” commercials. When the GOOD Music signatory decided to abandon its Detroit 2 LP in 2020, he kept that old flavor that fans fell in love with ten years ago. The credentials are too good to be dropped.

  • “Yeah bitch!” and “Shut up!”

    Juicy j

    Some might argue that there is no better ad-libs than that of Juicy j“Yeah hoe!” Can you really? Listen to it and try. He’s been in the top three for a long time, no matter how you rank among the best in rap.

  • “Water”, “Bitch” and “Yuh”

    The Slump God ski goggles

    The Slump God ski goggles rightly underlines his drip discourse with the ad-lib “Water” which he decorates throughout his music. In alternating pockets, he uses his hoarse voice to effectively flip the words “Bitch” and “Yuh” throughout his verses, allowing them to play a leading role.

  • “Grrraah”

    Rod wave

    Found all over Rod wavethe last album of SoulFly, is the soft-spoken ad-lib “Grrraah”. Don’t let the gloom in her voice confuse you. The punch-in is used to highlight the rowdy speech on his songs.

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