OutKast’s Big Boi puts Dungeon Family House on Airbnb for $ 25


The house where OutKast and members of the Dungeon family The record-breaking rap collective in the 1990s is available for short vacation breaks in June and July of this year.

According to Airbnb Thursday, June 17, on the occasion of Black Music Month, Big Boi Atlanta’s iconic rap duo listed the ATL house for $ 25 a night. The Dungeon Family house was named after the basement studio where Big Boi, Andre 3000, Goodie Mob, production and composition team Organized noise, which included Sleeping brown and much more, have made some of their most successful records.

the the house announcement, which seems to come from Big Boi himself, reads in part: “The Dungeon is where Andre 3000 and I spent countless hours writing songs and producing beats that became OutKast’s first albums. Atlanta taught me the power of the community, so to celebrate Black Music Month, I’m inviting fans to the house where southern hip hop was born. Reservations open at 1:00 p.m. EDT on Friday June 25 for overnight stays on June 29, July 1 and July 3. “

TMZ also reports today that the price of the stay is in honor of the 25th anniversary of OutKast‘s ATlinks album.

“Atlanta is my home and I grew up with the Dungeon family in this home,” Big Boi told Airbnb. “We spent hours hanging out in the basement, writing rhymes and composing rhythms all hours of the night. Since purchasing the house, I have been delighted to open its doors and welcome the next generation of artists to the space who have inspired countless songs. “

Big Boi revealed in January 2019 that he had purchased the property. He said via social media at the time: “New day, new Lot… has just taken over the dungeon.”

the Loudspeakerxxx The rapper also notes in the list what the house offers visitors during their weekend stay: “Guided access to the basement of the house, a relic from the 90s where me and André 3000 recorded some of our early hits. , including our debut album Southernplaylistadillacmuzik. “The house also includes a” state-of-the-art studio, equipped with Yamaha audio equipment. “

The colorfully decorated house features a queen size bed, a fireplace painted to resemble OutKast’s fourth album, Stankonia, which fell in 2000, plush and vibrant furniture and curtains, and more. The house, however, is not equipped with a TV or washer / dryer.

Those interested in staying at the iconic residence must also reside in the United States

And finally, in honor of the influence that music education has had not only on Big Boibut also his career, Airbnb will make a one-time donation to the Atlanta Public Schools Music Department to increase resources and expand access to music education for K-12 youth.

Check out the images of Dungeon Family’s Airbnb home below.

View Dungeon Family Airbnb Pictures

The Dungeon Family house was where artists like OutKast created hits.

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