Pardison Fontaine blows up DaBaby


Megan you stallionboyfriend, rapper Pardon Fontaine, put DaBaby booming after Baby’s back and forth with Meg earlier today (June 19).

“You’re a clown doin ass nigga do some clown shit then try to back down, “Pardi wrote in a tweet in response to DaBaby, who was discussing her drama with Megan Thee Stallion.” Nigga that’s what it is… you never owe him again speak. “

DaBaby then responded to Pardi, citing Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable”. “You mustn’t know about me You mustn’t know about meeeeeh,” the North Carolina rapper tweeted.

Pardi himself sent out a few indirect tweets. “YOU NIGGAS IS CORNY, you women are nerdy, ”he wrote in a post. ANY WOMAN WHO SUPPORTS HIM FOR ANY REASON IS A SAD BITTER OR CONFUSED FUCKIN. “

He added, “This case isn’t about public opinion or the internet beef .. so a nigga let a lot of that weak shit slip away. “

The tweets between the two rappers were preceded by Megan and DaBaby exchanging blows after people pointed out that Baby retweeted a post joking about Tory Lanez reportedly shot Megan in July 2020. It came after DaBaby appeared on a track with Tory called “Skat” last week.

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