Personal Shoppers Spends $ 50,000 on Mustard’s Credit Card


Mustard is furious with his former personal shopper who used his credit card to buy thousands of dollars of designer items.

On Monday night (April 12), the Los Angeles beatmaker blew up Karissa Walker via social media to buy bags, shoes and more with her credit card.

“Watch out for all my people who know me, I want to get everyone’s attention! @KarissaCWalker is a thief and a liar !!!! word so she can do business but the truth is she only did shopping !!! ” Mustard wrote on her Instagram story.

He continued, “Today I found out that she had increased my credit cards over 50K by buying stuff for herself !!!! business !!!! I got all the receipts to prove everything … I paid more than it was worth because I don’t play with the people who do jobs there, it’s completely crazy and just plain wrong !!!

In another post on social media, Mustard shared a text conversation between him and Walker, which included an alleged receipt for one of his purchases in the amount of $ 2,611.58. In the course of the text, Walker appears to have admitted his “wrongdoing” and offered an apology.

“I am really so sorry,” wrote the personal shopper. “I should never have understood this point. My temptation has led to greed and I am so sarcastic.”

Mustard went on to say that the buyer’s damage to his credit card could amount to over $ 100,000 as he waited to receive receipts for other purchases made by Walker. The “Big Bank” producer added that she also spent $ 15,000 in the Louis Vuitton store.

In another IG Story article, the Californian artist said he paid the personal shopper $ 6,000 per month, or $ 72,000 per year.

“You just ruined this for a few fucking Instagram likes,” he says.

Social media posts were later removed.

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