Pooh Shiesty denies bail by judge after victim impact statement retracts


A judge ruled that Winnie the Pooh will remain behind bars.

Based on court records obtained by XXL this afternoon (June 17), Pooh’s bail was refused by a judge this morning. A preliminary hearing has been set for the Memphis rapper, born Lontrell Williams, for July 22.

According to Miami Herald today, in addition to the fact that Pooh Shiesty did not get bail in connection with the recent alleged shooting he is accused of at the King of Diamonds nightclub and an earlier shooting in the Bay Harbor Islands area of ​​Florida in October last, prosecutors would investigate why Pooh’s alleged victim, KOD security guard Frivin Dor, who was shot in the ankle, retracted his statement.

“This is very concerning for me,” Miami-Dade prosecutor Ruben Scolavino told circuit judge Ellen Venzer. “Our office is obviously investigating this.”

Additionally, the prosecutor also told the court that the US attorney’s office placed a “federal inmate” on the 1017 Records artist for the October 13, 2020 shooting he was involved in. This means that the authorities could try to indict Pooh for the incident taken on video, in which shots were fired in a condo parking lot on East Bay Harbor Drive. In this incident, Pooh was charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault with a firearm and theft.

Pooh Shiesty’s attorney, Saam Zangeneh, has reportedly said that despite the fact that federal authorities may have hit his client with federal charges, he is confident in Shiesty’s innocence.

“We have been in communication with the US attorney’s office and believe they have a federal inmate on them and are likely to file federal charges,” Zangeneh said. “This does not change our position as to his 100% innocence, both in state and federal affairs.”

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that Pooh’s alleged victim in the King of Diamonds nightclub incident resumed her statement. Apparently, Frivin Dor claimed he was taking a pain reliever called Dilaudid and did not know who shot him on the night of May 30. Dor claims he was given the pills at the hospital the night the shooting happened and spoke to a detective while he was on the potent medication. He even allegedly suggested that the sound of a mechanical fan falling in a nearby garage had sparked chaos at the club that night.

Prosecutors say they’re trying to figure out why Dor chose to back down.

“The victim initially made a recorded statement in which he was very lucid, clear and gave very clear and descriptive answers,” said prosecutor Scolavino.

To this, Judge Ellen Venzer replied: “If I read between the lines, I guess what you are trying to tell me is that there may have been pressure on this witness to he changes his testimony.

The prosecutor added, “At this point, the state and the authorities are investigating. Obviously, we are concerned that this could be a problem.

The judge and prosecutor appear to be alluding to witness tampering, which is a federal offense that can carry a prison sentence.

As stated earlier, while Winnie the Pooh was at KOD over Memorial Day holiday weekend, he was being escorted out of the venue when money was believed to have fallen out of his pocket. Allegations claim that Pooh fired a gun towards the ground, which ultimately hit Frivin Dor in the ankle.

The bear cub surrendered a little over a week later and was awarded $ 10,000 by judge, but second judge revoked bail in connection with his last shooting as well as the $ 45,000 bail he received for the shooting last October.

XXL contacted Pooh Shiesty’s legal team and a rep for the rapper for comment.

Watch Pooh Shiesty appear in court below.

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