Pooh Shiesty, Flo Milli, 42 Dugg, Cypher XXL Freshman by Rubi Rose


There are currently some exciting regional scenes in rap and four of them are featured in the finals. 2021 XXL First-year student zero. Pink Ruby represents the Bluegrass State of Kentucky, a place that is also home to bands like Jack harlow and IS Gee. Winnie the Pooh was raised on the streets of Memphis, a prosperous city with young spitters like NLE Choppa and OG leadership from people like Yo Gotti. Flo milli hails from the thriving Alabama hip-hop scene, also backed by Grammy nominees like Chika. And 42 Dugg calls the spooky Detroit scene his home alongside hood favorites like Sada baby and Babyface ray.

The first one standing, Pink Ruby ribs on the Nick mira and a rhythm designed by Paryo. The haunting melody paired with the 808 bass, which hits in different pockets, increases its orotund tone as it comes up with a verse about being in demon hour, humiliating the side room and having a sauce that thousands of people want to taste. “Pretty little face, but that body like a pornstar / Shiesty little bitch, yeah, you know I’m going too far,” the 23-year-old rhymed.

The heavy drawl of the south in Winnie the Poohthe verse is as follows. Signer 1017 delivers a two-part rhyme, separated by his signature “Blrrrd” ad-lib and includes lyrics about his cricket position when the Feds ask for information, honor his lost buddies and are always ready to slip anytime despite their fame now. “I’ve been all trouble since I was a kid, now I make my mom proud / I can’t fight niggas rolling in the middle, I’m reserved for Rolling Loud,” he posted.

Flo milli on the follow-up, giving his fans a game on how to secure the “no face, no case” method. She dances to the beat, highlighting the power of her aura before speeding up her flow to reveal the precision skills she has in her arsenal. “He’ll eventually treat me right because I’m a woman, but I made him fuck me like I was a ho / Nobody does it like Milli / Nobody is hotter than Flo “, she raps at a breakneck pace.

42 Dugg has the role of anchor. Showcasing his rap style which he considers “shit”, 4PF and CMG split up to stay true to the mottos he learned on the streets, putting his gang up and running through holes like a NFL runner: “You I fuck her, I fuck that Niesha / They all know a Kiesha / I think she fucked a grim reaper / How are you? Nice to meet you.”

Watch Rubi Rose, Pooh Shiesty, Flo Milli & 42 Dugg dial their number, powered by FX Dave, in full below.

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