Pooh Shiesty indicted by federal authorities, authorities use Instagram posts


Winnie the Pooh has been charged with several federal charges in connection with a Miami area shooting incident from October 2020.

According to court documents obtained by XXL On Tuesday (June 29), Pooh, born Lontrell Williams, was charged with Conspiracy to Possess Firearms in a Violent Crime, Conspiracy to Robbery and Unloading a Firearm in the part of a violent crime on June 25.

Pooh Shiesty faces a maximum of 20 years each for conspiring to possess firearms to commit a violent crime, conspiracy of robbery under the Hobbs Act and a maximum life sentence for using a firearm for the purpose of a violent crime. It is not known whether time would pass simultaneously.

Two other men, Bobby Brown and Jayden Darosa, face the same charges as the Memphis rapper.

Based on the probable cause affidavit, filed on June 3 and unsealed on Friday, June 25 Winnie the Pooh, Brown and Darosa are charged with participating in a robbery at the parking lot of the Landon Hotel, located at 9700 East Bay Harbor Drive in Bay Harbor Islands, Fla. On October 9, 2020, around 1:50 p.m. drove to the shooting of two people.

As seen in video footage that began circulating online in January of this year, Pooh was spotted driving a bright green McLaren sports car moments before filming. Court documents indicate that Brown was seated in the passenger seat while Darosa drove a separate black Mercedes Maybach. The men were meeting with two other people to buy a pair of high-end sneakers and some marijuana. Pooh Shiesty also leased his vehicle from one of the men and hoped to get his rental extended. However, things took a turn and both men suffered individual gunshot wounds to the hip and buttocks.

Shortly after Pooh, Brown and Darosa arrived at the hotel, a man, described as “Victim 1” approached the rapper and gave him a shopping bag containing the sneakers. Winnie took it out of the bag and examined it. The other man, “Victim 2”, got into Pooh Shiesty’s McLaren and sat in the passenger seat, where Brown once sat, to collect payment for the shoes. While “Victim 2” was holding one of the sneakers, Pooh pointed a Draco semi-automatic pistol at the second victim and ordered him to leave the shoes in the car.

Darosa, who was in his black Mercedes with two other anonymous people, got out of his car and attempted to steal his jewelry from the second victim. As the victim tried to stop Darosa from taking her jewelry, Pooh Shiesty shot “Victim 2” in the ass. The victim then drove into his own car, leaving the unpaid sneakers in Pooh’s possession. The victim apparently has a shoe business and sells items across the states.

Winnie the Pooh didn’t pay for the marijuana either.

Moments later, Brown shot the first victim in the hip. “Victim 1” fell to the ground near Winnie the Pooh‘s McLaren and his own car when the rapper also pulled the Draco gun on him and said, “Don’t try.”

Pooh Shiesty, Brown, and Darosa returned to their respective vehicles and left the scene. The court record shows that Pooh never got out of his car.

Surveillance footage from the incident also allowed for filming of a Louis Vuitton bag falling from the driver’s seat of the McLaren as Pooh fled the scene after the shooting. Legal authorities later recovered the bag, which contained $ 40,912.

The file also notes that the Winnie the Poohofficial Instagram account, photos were uploaded to his account of several long guns and $ 100 bills ahead of the October 2020 shooting. One of the $ 100 bills had the serial number “L873066478J”, that matched one of the $ 100 bills found in the Louis Vuitton bag recovered by the police.

The affidavit also claims that there were tagged images on Pooh’s Instagram account of him posing with a green McLaren, similar to the one he was driving on the day of the shooting. Darosa also had pictures of a Draco gun, like the one used by Pooh Shiesty, on his IG page.

Both victims spoke to police during their treatment at the hospital and identified Pooh, Brown and Darosa. “Victim 1” said he had several encounters with the 1017 Records protege because he praised Pooh the green McLaren. The victim also referred to Brown as Pooh’s road manager.

A few months later, on May 30, Winnie the Pooh had a performance at the King of Diamonds nightclub where another shootout took place. The affidavit states that Pooh received the balance of his performance in cash and someone in the crowd slapped his hand, causing his money to drop. The document says Pooh grabbed a gun from his belt and waved it to prevent club attendees from taking his money.

Security then removed Pooh from the club after seeing him wield a gun.

He fired a shot, hitting a security guard and left the scene.

However, earlier reports said the money fell from Pooh’s pocket and he fired a shot to the ground, which then hit security guard Frivin Dor. Dor first made a statement to the police after the incident, but later recanted, saying he was taking a strong pain reliever called Dilaudid and was unable to remember what he told law enforcement. Dor suggested that a mechanical fan might have fallen into a nearby parking lot that night, causing a stir in the club.

Pooh Shiesty surrendered to authorities June 8 and has been behind bars ever since. A judge granted him bail of $ 10,000, but the the deposit was later refused by another, thus forcing him to remain in prison. At the time, it was located at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami. According to the Office of Inmate Tracing, Pooh is currently housed at the Miami Federal Prison FDC.

Earlier this month, a report revealed that the US attorney’s office had put a “federal inmate” on Pooh, indicating he would likely face federal charges.

XXL contacted Pooh Shiesty’s legal team and a rep for the rapper for comment on this.

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