Pooh Shiesty says he lost respect for Kodak Black, Kodak responds


It looks like a rift between Shy teddy bear and Kodak Black formed.

This afternoon (March 8), Kodak Black posted videos in which he claims to be the one who invented the ubiquitous cash flex that many rappers have embraced in recent years. He first noticed how Lil Baby rapped “Postin ‘money on the’ Gram, I made that up” on the track “Finesse Out the Gang Way” by Lil Durk, which appears on The voice.

Kodak went on to say that he just wanted people in the rap industry to give credit where he thinks credit is due, while also making it clear that he doesn’t criticize anyone directly. He captioned the now deleted post: “It’s just a matter of fact! I’m not telling anyone, I even know I’m just saying it and that doesn’t mean the level of respect isn’t. ‘s not on either side, but you know … “

Shy teddy bear responded to Kodak’s post by reposting it in his own Instagram Story and said, “This shit here so lame for me has lost all my respect @kodakblack.” He deleted it shortly after.

poohshiesty via Instagram

Project Baby then took to IG Live with what appear to be a number of his Sniper Gang associates, responding to Pooh. In the clip, Kodak said, “That shit brrr is really about…” Another member of the rapper’s team from Florida said during the livestream, “That’s what it means.

Kodak later appears to warn Pooh, saying, “Keep that shit cute. Don’t do all that, bruh. Keep that shit cute.”

While the exact origin of the social media tension is unclear, several people on social media are supporting Kodak Black by claiming he is one of the rapper’s first cash dispensers.

One person retweeted a video Kodak shared in 2016 with a caption that read, “Kodak was online before Pooh 💯”.

A second assimilated person Shy teddy bearFrom Kodak’s rap style to Kodak’s, writing, “Shy Pooh is Kodak’s son. I’ve been told that. From broadcast to blrddd to slow rap. Just another place with a different accent. He’s not shit. He just claims he started shit that Kodak did. “

See more social media reactions below.

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