Rappers go platinum in pandemic


The past year has been a difficult time for everyone as the world grapples with the widespread effects of COVID-19. The isolation, fear and loss of loved ones that came with the virus have also had a hard impact on the music industry, especially hip-hop. The genre that thrives on touring has found rappers stuck at home and doing live broadcasts instead due to the pandemic, eliminating the cultural experience of seeing a favorite rapper with friends and associates. Streaming and buying music only temporarily continues to satisfy many rap fans who usually attend concerts on a regular basis. With those streaming numbers rising, it has helped a litany of rappers go platinum and higher from last March to now. Here, XXL highlights rappers who still managed to find success in chaos.

The most surprising thing is that there are a lot of songs from yesteryear that have gone platinum from last March until today. Tyga‘s “Hookah”, Kanye west‘s “All day” and Future“Trap Niggas” from “Trap Niggas” went platinum in 2020, though all of those tracks are five years or older. Streaming changes the rules of the game in so many ways; it gives more light to old songs that were great in their day and can also earn higher praise after the fact. These songs seemed like platinum records in their prime, so seeing them get their due years later is amazing.

Last year, a group of newcomers also got their first platinum plaques. 24kGold“Mood”, the # 1 bestselling track with Iann Dior went platinum four times this year. BRS KashThe unmissable “Throat Baby (Go Baby)” achieved the platinum title in 2021 following the success of the original song and its subsequent remix, which stars City Girls and DaBaby. JC‘S “Whoopty” ​​went from a regional hit to a nationwide banger, which locked in its first platinum certification just six days before BRS Kash did the same. Hanging a plaque on their wall is not a bad way to start a traditional career, and these artists can attest to that.

Check out the gallery below for more artists who went platinum during the pandemic, including Lil wayne, The Slump God ski goggles, little baby and Little Uzi Vert.

See rappers go platinum in a pandemic

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