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Rising Jacksonville, Florida, rapper SpotemGottem released his viral hit “Beat Box” last April and the record has been at the forefront of the ongoing Junebug challenge ever since. However, apart from that, other rimers showed their rap skills on the track by releasing their own “Beat Box” freestyles.

Although the initial version of the song arrived around April 2020, the remix featuring Memphis’ own Shy teddy bear fell in December, which added momentum to Spotem’s success.

Following the success of “Beat Box” and “Beat Box 2”, DaBaby released its own version last month, available on the official SpotemGottem and Baby YouTube pages. Baby first teased the flame-spitting song via Instagram and soon after arriving it received a bit of criticism afterward. Popular teen YouTube sensation JoJo Siwa.

“Usin ‘big words like I’m TI (Turn up) / Don’t wanna get me started, nigga / Turn me up, niggas gon’ see why / Nigga, you a bitch, JoJo Siwa (Bitch),” he rhymes halfway through his verse on the track.

Mulatto also offered his remix to “Beat Box” earlier this month and caused a hip-hop split among several of his rhyming classmates over Latto calling himself “Big”. It also often passes through Big Latto.

“It’s not much about all of you bitches, so if the bitch’s name isn’t Latto, don’t put Big in front, straight ahead,” she rapped, closing the freestyle.

A little after, Renni Rucci entered the chat with her own bars, also claiming that she referred to herself as “Big Renni” and “the Biggest”.

Rap tiff seemed to be just that and was only about music. In any case, DaBaby, Mulatto and Renni Rucci These are just a few of the rimers who put their own spin on SpotemGottem’s Billboard Hot 100 hit.

Discover “Beat Box 2” by SpotemGottem with Pooh Shiesty.

Take a look for yourself to see the other “Beat Box” freestyles below.

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