Rick Ross uses Subway tuna controversy to promote Thighstop


Rick Ross saw a unique opportunity to promote Wingstop’s digital food company, Thighstop, mocking the recent Subway tuna controversy.

On Tuesday (June 22), Rozay commented on Instagram and scoffed at the fast food restaurant’s alleged lack of transparency when it comes to their tuna. “Wow! @Thighstop winning,” he wrote, adding, “@subway our lemon pepper is lemon pepper.”

For those who don’t know, Subway is in a PR crisis after a New York Times item, published on June 19, claimed that a lab test did not find any tuna DNA in any of the sandwiches tested. According to the newspaper, they collected tuna samples from three different Subway restaurants in Los Angeles and had them tested in a lab. The test results revealed that “no amplifiable tuna DNA was present in the sample. Therefore, we cannot identify the species.”

So far, Subway has yet to respond to the new findings from the Times lab.

Tuna controversy aside, Ross is still the chicken boss. In the new Wingstop ad, the Miami rapper decides to rotate to another edible part of the bird due to the lack of wings.

“Nobody moves more wings than boss Rick Ross and Wingstop,” said the voice of a presenter at the start of the commercial. “But now that there’s a national wing shortage, I guess you’re done working, huh Rick?” “

Rozay replies, “No, we’re doing thighs.”

“The hustle and bustle continues with Thighstop, all the flavors you love now on your thighs,” the ad ends.

You can watch Rick Ross’ Wingstop commercial for Thighstop below.

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