Russ claims he made $ 10 million from his independent catalog


Russ is under serious verification these days.

Very few rap game artists have had as much independent success as Russ, who has formed a solid following with nearly a dozen indie mixtapes and a unique Soundcloud strategy that has seen him lose a single a week for years. consecutive. The formula paid off, with the rapper claiming he made $ 10 million from the music he made before becoming a major artist on the label. Wednesday (March 3), Chomp MC shared the inspiring story of his cash surge on social media.

“Ever since shit started ‘working’ for me with this music shit, I often think of ‘damn, what if I stop after these 11 mixtapes?’,” Russ tweeted. “You can’t lose if you don’t stop. If it’s your truth, keep going, no matter what people say.”

Russ added that an optimistic outlook is what helped motivate him. “Ran up $ 10 million on independent catalog alone (No Trawl, zoo, Shake the snow globe), “He posted, omitting his major record label albums from the equation.” I remember winning $ 1,000 and thinking, ‘If I can make $ 1,000, then I can make $ 10,000. . If I can win $ 10,000, I can win $ 100,000 ETC. The reality is, it’s just a lot of time and effort mixed with consistency and meaningful relationships with fans all over the world. Lowkey fucks the money even though I am very grateful. I’m just glad you all [fuck with] the message and the music. See you all at $ 50 million. “

Russ released 11 mixtapes between 2011 and 2014 alone. He signed a record multi-million dollar partnership with Columbia in 2017 and released three albums –There really is a wolf (2017), zoo (2018), Shake the snow globe (2020) – before returning to indie status. He released the EP, Chomp, last November with Benny The Butcher, Busta Rhymes, Black Thought, Ab-Soul and more.

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