Ski goggles The Slump God Calls Out 6ix9ine


The Slump God ski goggles had a few choice words for 6ix9ine over the weekend after the Brooklyn rapper paid tribute to the late XXXTentacion at Tekashi’s recent show in Miami.

On Sunday, May 2, video footage of the 6ix9ine show a day earlier (May 3) at Miami Marine Stadium began circulating online. Instagram page @DomIsLiveNews shared a clip from Tekashi’s show, noting that the rhyming federal informant commemorated X during his filming. 6ix9ine played “Look at me!“To this, Ski Mask replied in the comments section of the post,“ Nigga does what he can’t do what he wants. “In a follow-up message, Ski typed, ‘Fuck this nigga. “

Ski Mask also tweeted this weekend, ahead of the 6ix9ine show, “Random niggas that play, step back or stare at me but only know the face of the first three lines.”

domislivenews via Instagram

6ix9ine was promoting their show in Miami via social media. On April 29, the rapper posted a video of himself in a colorful Lamborghini, letting fans know about the upcoming event. He captioned the clip, “MIAMI THIS SATURDAY 🌈🌈 MARINE STADIUM YOU ARE LOOKING FOR ME HERE.”

Tekashi also shared footage from his drunken show, proclaiming he was the “best performer in the rap game.”

The Slump God ski goggles coming to the defense of XXX is probably due to him and the former 2017 XXL First-year studentis a close friendship. Their relationship was actually closer to a brotherhood before X’s tragic death in 2018, although they briefly separated. The two Florida-raised rappers met at a juvenile detention center while Ski was making time for the weed and X faced a gun charge. Once they were released, the artists formed a friendship, which became difficult in October 2017. XXXTentacion claimed it was rooted in a lack of gratitude on Ski’s part regarding the business relationship.

However, they got back together for The Slump God ski mask at Rolling Loud in Miami in May 2018, just a month before XXXTentacion was shot and killed in Deerfield Beach, Fla. Outside a motorcycle shop.

6ix9ine, on the other hand, spoke at a time when X contacted him in the past, suggesting that they also had some sort of connection. In July of last year, Tekashi shared the last message XXXTentacion sent him before 6ix9ine makes an offer for its federal gun and racketeering charges in November 2018. It should be noted that based on how XXX wrote the message to Tekashi, it appears the New York native was behind bars for another incident before X’s untimely death.

Tekashi also claimed to have felt X’s presence during his 2018 kidnapping.. At the time, 6ix9ine hopped on IG to thank the ? artist for his spiritual presence and was also grateful to be able to see his daughter again.

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