Soulja Boy and wrestler Randy Orton Beef break out


Soulja boy is on the not-so-good side of professional wrestler Randy Orton after the Atlanta rhymer called the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.) organization fake last week when referring to the game of rap.

On Sunday February 28, Big Soulja tweeted: “A more fake rap game than WWE. “Then early this morning (March 2) WWE wrestler T-Bar responded to the rapper saying,”Does the rap game take years of your life and leave you with countless injuries and debilitating pain? Well, maybe you stick with some super drenched hoes or whatever you did 15 years ago. “

Randy Orton then responded to his wrestling colleague via Twitter, referring to Soulja Boy’s initial tweet. “False? “He asked.” Dare this sting to intensify. Doesn’t he like movies? Think of us as actors doing stunts, without pads 200 days a year, and not waving when we are surgically repaired and come back right away. Consider us 100 times harder than anyone you meet. It’s not a slutty ass at all… “

After Soulja told T-Bar to put on his “wrestling ass” followed by laughing emojis, he wrote to Orton and said: “You know who I am. I will bring the REAL to the fight, don’t play with me. Randy Ortonnnnnnnn ??????????. “

Big Draco replied: “If you’re crazy because I spit out facts, just say so. What you do is FAKE and I stand on it. What I am doing is REAL. Come to your world? Welcome to Soulja World. “

Twitter’s comings and goings didn’t stop there. Orton later typed: “U spit facts? Seems like everything you spit is the same mess you rap. Nuts. Clear your throat, mate, and be there. Enough talk. Save it. “

Looks like Soulja later accepted Orton of his offer for a match, saying: “Cap wrestler If you really want the big draco to stop, say less. “

A little after, Bow Wow—A frequent Soula Boy’s collaborator in the 2000s — intervened, telling the rhymer from Georgia that the wrestlers were afraid of him and Soulja.

“Yo @souljaboy, these wrestlers are terrified. I’ve been giving them the company since I announced I was training. They’re so scared we went and got all they shine,” Bow tweeted today. hui.

Soulja Boy laughed and Bow Wow continued with: “Aye @souljaboy, the thing is we fend for ourselves and work for ourselves. They need to check in with their boss to make things happen! @TripleH WE ARE READY TO FIGHT !. “

In response, Soulja wrote: “That’s a fact. Tell me why wwe have feelings for gangs. Wrestler or not I slip Male shrugging. Smiley face with horns.”

Looks like the wrestling world and the rap community have clashed lately. Back in January, another social media beef between Cardi B and wrestler Lacey Evans appeared via Twitter after Bardi’s name was mentioned during the Legends Night episode on WWE Raw.

It’s unclear whether or not there will be a real showdown between Soulja Boy and Randy Orton, but if there is, it will be worth it.

See more reactions to the Twitter spit below.

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