Southside arrested for firearm, driving with suspended license


South side, co-founder of the 808 Mafia production collective, was arrested in Florida on Sunday March 14.

According to an arrest report obtained by XXL, the producer, born Joshua Luellen, was arrested in Aventura, Florida – a town outside of Miami-Dade County – for carrying a concealed weapon and knowingly driving with a suspended license.

Southside was first arrested because of the “heavily tinted windshield” of his Mercedes SUV. The 32-year-old hip-hop artist told authorities he did not have a Florida driver’s license, but had one for Georgia, which was not in his possession at the time of the arrest. the circulation. Police later discovered that Southside Florida’s license had been suspended since May 8, 2019. The beatmaker also said he currently resides in the Sunshine State and lives in Florida is canceling his license in Georgia.

As for firearms, the authorities have asked South side if he had a gun in his vehicle, which he admitted to having. After getting out of his car – at the request of the police – the officer discovered a gun between his shoes. There was another gun on the floor behind the passenger seat. Both weapons were fully loaded with cartridges in the chamber. Southside told the officer he had a transport permit and presented his documentation, but it was put on hold for unknown reasons.

The police document goes on to say that the Demons R Us The producer was told by law enforcement that he had violated his firearms license by keeping firearms handy and not in a glove box or locked inside a box. of the vehicle.

According to a report by NBC Miami, the beatsmith was released on a bond of $ 5,500.

South sideHis arrest comes days after revealing he was retiring from music after his upcoming album 808 Mafia.

“AFTER THIS ALBUM 808mafia IM MAKES IM O I WANT TO BE IN LIFE AS A PRODUCER I JUST LET IT KNOW THIS ALBUM IS GOING TO BE EXCELLENT IM ALWAYS DEPUT FOR CULTURE I have always been going to try to put new producers but as a producer I launch THE TOWEL AFTER THIS ALBUM I’m done ❤️ ”, he tweeted.

XXL contacted the Miami-Dade Police Department for comment on this.

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