Southside calls out Kodak Black and gives a place to fight – Watch


It looks like South sidethe beef with Kodak Black is reheated.

On Sunday April 4, the 808 Mafia co-founder took to his Instagram story to inexplicably dissolve Kodak. “Yak, you’re still a bitch,” the platinum producer says in the clip. Sizzle goes on to say that he wants to fight Kodak and revealed that he will soon be in rapper’s “Tunnel Vision” area. “We can bump into each other too,” Southside added. “I’ll be back in Miami in a week. Stop anywhere, we can bump into each other. Don’t bring any security.

It’s unclear what prompted Southside to call up Kodak, but the two have issues. Kodak had already had a relationship with Southside’s girlfriend and the mother of his son, City Girls rapper Yung Miami. After Kodak went to jail in 2018 and Yung Miami got pregnant from Southside, Yak disbanded Yung Miami in a freestyle rapper, “I bought Yung Miami a ring, she wanted 808 baby / When I see her I’m gonna hit that bitch in her stomach / The way I keep my shit too real, they say I fuck my money. “

Southside hit back, slamming on Instagram, “Hey, someone tell Kodak to suck a dick. How about that? Get out of jail first, pussy.” Kodak apologized shortly after.

Southside spoke about it recently, as he recently made headlines for dissuading his father after the Patriarch attacked him online. He also recently dissuaded Lil Uzi Vert, who is currently dating Yung Miami teammate JT, and claimed he stopped the Philadelphia rapper from being robbed. Last month Southside was arrested for a gun in South Florida.

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