Tay-K claims he can eventually get out of jail on appeal bail


Tay-K has been in a Texas jail since he was apprehended by the US Marshals in New Jersey in 2017. However, the rapper, who is celebrating his 21st birthday today (June 16), took to Instagram Live to share with fans that he could be released soon due to an impending appeal bail.

Tuesday (June 15), Tay-K announced that he would be doing a livestream the next day and that the live would serve as an open forum for fans to ask what they wanted. Speaking through a loudspeaker, the rhymer, born Taymor McIntyre, says the likelihood of him being a free man is promising.

“The homecoming situation and all that, I know a lot of people want to know that and all that,” says Tay, who at the time of his arrest in 2017 had just released his viral hit, “The race,” a song centered on himself, jumping on bail to escape in order to avoid a capital murder charge. “A lot of people think it’s over, on the hood it’s not. My case is on appeal right now, so it looks good, you know. An appeal bond.”

The rapper adds, “It’s like when you bond but you don’t appeal your case, then they have to give you a link. And then I have a link here, so I am a link on both. That’s kind of what I want to happen. “

In July 2019, Tay-K was sentenced to 55 years in prison for the 2016 murder of 21-year-old Ethan Walker. He was also sentenced to an additional 30 years for one aggravated theft count and two 13 years for two other counts. The 30-year sentence and the two 13-year sentences will run concurrently with the 55-year-old offer Tay received for the murder charge.

He was then charged with a second murder, which occurred while the rhymer was on the run. In June 2017, Tay-K, who was reportedly last hosted at Texas’s Lon Evans Correction Center, was arrested for the murder of 23-year-old Mark Saldiva, who was shot and killed outside a Chic-Fil- A in San Antonio, Texas.

Apparently several men were arguing in an SUV and allegedly robbed Saldiva before he got out of the car and called for help. The occupants of the car reportedly attempted to run over Saldiva, who jumped on the car and started kicking the windshield. Saldiva was reportedly shot by Tay-K and left in the parking lot of the fast food restaurant.

Police further claim the rapper assaulted an elderly man in a park in Arlington, Texas and charged Tay-K with aggravated assault.

In July 2019, Tay-K reportedly appealed his 55-year sentence.

Although unconfirmed, the news Tay shared today appears to be the latest update on her legal issues.

Listen to Tay-K talk optimistically about her potential connection below.

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