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A long-standing interest in music turned into a career for Melvoni, a 17-year-old Brooklyn rapper who has worked hard for the past few years. As someone who wrote nursery rhymes since he was 5 and then progressed to full songs in college, it feels like he was meant for music. Particularly harsh grief at age 15 put Melvoni in the studio, recording the song “Never you again” about his lost love, which he released in October 2018. The track is a dark tale, mostly sung, about their falling apart relationship and how he’ll be better off without her. “We could have been booed, but you ruined everything,” he sings. Melvoni’s higher pitch supports the mature subject matter and suits her interpolation from Kanye West’s 2008 hit song “Heartless.” He made the song in the hope that it would explode, proof that she made the wrong decision in separating from him.

A month later, he meets the one who will become his manager, who encourages him to make more catchy songs. From there emerged “No Man’s Land” and “Big Rocks” of 2019, the former a serious look at survival as a young Brooklyn youth, the latter more festive. These two tracks together represent nearly 13 million Spotify streams and over 8 million YouTube views combined.

By this time, Melvoni was starting to make noise in BK and beyond. He signed to Epic Records in February 2020, then dropped his first five-track project. Who TF is Melvoni? a month later, just before the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a halt. He persevered through tough times and returned this year with the new single “Get Money” with Tyla Yaweh and DDG in April. He followed this until May with his Return to sender EP, with the new banger and three other tracks.

As his journey has only just begun, Melvoni cut him off with XXL for this week’s edition of The break.

Age: 17

Hometown: Brooklyn

I grew up listening to:Justin bieber and Michael jackson. Justin, when he was younger. The way he was able to change his tone, you hear me doing it a lot now, where I started low and the tone got higher and higher. Mike was just a superstar that I admired and how much larger than life he was. It’s who I always wanted to be. “

My style has been compared to: “Everyone, and I fully mean it. I hear so many names everyday, it’s because they can’t group me. all-rounders of our time right now. I try and do everything, and with the feedback I get I can assume they’re good. They look good to me. I can literally do anything. ” Tory Lanez, 070 Shake, [Lil] Tjay, Polo, NLE Choppa, WRLD juice. I hear an endless number of names. I don’t really have a sound, I just have my voice. “

I’m going to explode because: “Obviously the money is coming in. I’m grateful. For me it’s like, when I walk the streets and people notice me, that’s why I know what I’m doing is working. in Miami right now. I walk the Strip, I get noticed. I just smile, like, Aight, I’m doing something. “

What’s your sleepiest song and why? : “Personally, one of my favorite songs I created would be ‘Had To’. I dropped that right before signing my contract. It went pretty well, but I feel like it could have done a lot better. the audio, because the fans were giving me good feedback on it. “

My most significant records to date have been: “‘No Man’s Land’, ‘Big Rocks’, ‘New York.’ “Chrome” seems to be doing well too. “Get Money” will definitely be one of my biggest. “

My highlights so far have been: “Shoot the ‘Get Money’ music video. So far it’s got over it because it was my first budgeted video. Independent artists can’t do that. Shit I used to see when I was a kid, where you see movie sets for music videos It was a 12 hour shoot. I’m still young, so my dreams are still dreams until they aren’t. He was one of them. them. “

Most people don’t know: “I’m 6 feet, 3 inches, almost 6 feet, 4 inches. Usually when people meet me in person they always say bullshit like, ‘Oh my god, I didn’t think you were that tall. “I’m tall as hell. Right after becoming the world’s greatest superstar, I’m just going to head to the NBA.”

I’ll be next: “Michael Jackson!”

Follow Melvoni on SoundCloud and Instagram.

Stand out:

“No Man’s Land”

“Get Money” with DDG and Tyla Yaweh

“Million dollar peasant”

Return to sender

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