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Bankroll Freddie hasn’t raped for very long, but it’s already paying dividends.

The Arkansas native decided to take up rap in 2017. Two years later, he got the radar of Music quality control co-founder Pierre “P” Thomas thanks to Bankroll Freddiethe spin on City girls“#ActUpChallenge. After the two got in touch, a trip to Los Angeles to meet and play music for P left Freddie inspired as he returned home to Arkansas. In June 2019, “Drip Like This” arrived, solidifying Freddie’s place in the game as a rapper with potential. “Cost some money, take your drip like this / Icebox drip on my wrist / Get in the club and I drip on a bitch,” rhymes Freddie on the track, which has over 15 million streams Spotify to date.

The remix video featuring Young dolph and Lil baby dropped that same year and has now been viewed over 45 million times on YouTube. With the song’s success, Freddie officially joined QC in 2019 and released his first project, From trap to rap, in early 2020. Due to the hold of the coronavirus pandemic on the music industry last year, the burgeoning rhymer did not have the opportunity to play this release like he did. would have liked, so he went back to work.

In this time frame, Bankroll Freddie finished his last project, Big bank, in April of last year. He waited until the time was right and chose to give it up a year later. The album arrived earlier this month, featuring songs like “Pop It” featuring Megan Thee stallion, the “Rinky Dinky” and “Dope Talk” assisted by Gucci Mane, with among others 2 Chainz and Young Scooter. As the world begins to open up in light of the pandemic, and vaccines become available for COVID-19, Freddie now has the new opportunity to broadcast his music across the country. His single “Pop It” produced by Bandplay with Megan Thee Stallion is the perfect reintroduction.

With Freddie and Meg rapping about the money they make and their relationships with the opposite sex, the trail is perfect for clubs. “Catch us a vibe, yeah, she matches my energy (yeah) / She’s a little neighborhood, I think she’s from Tennessee (on God) / Booty so fat, might’ve thought she’s from Texas ( Texas) / She’s got it peachy, you’d think she’s from Georgia / That pussy so wet, well take me to Florida (Ooh) / Loved her kinda, so I got her Dior ‘ d / Let’s go hit Lenox and blow us a quarterback, yeah (quarterback), “he rhymes. In the two weeks since its release, the video has racked up over 3 million views on YouTube.

Fresh out of the way Big bank, XXL met Bankroll Freddie for this week’s edition of The break.

Age: 26

Hometown: Hélène, Ark.

I grew up listening to:Yo Gotti, Three 6 mafia, Pat Project, Cash, Without limits. “

My style has been compared to: “A lot of people say that I look like myself. I don’t think I look too much like anyone, but I have a lot of comparisons with [Young] Dolph. “

I will explode because: “Nothing but success, man, to the top. Keep working, keep improving. I’m trying to be one of the best dogs this year.”

What’s your sleepiest song and why ?: “I feel like I have a lot of things I’ve slept on. Probably because not a lot of people have heard me. I’m a new face to the world. A lot of people maybe not. Heard my new stuff, my old stuff. It’s more about spreading it, putting it in the face. “

My records to date have been: “A lot of people know” Drip Like Dis “,” Rich Off Grass “,” Back End “with MoneyBagg Yo, songs like that. Some songs from the first cassette. But this song that I have right now, “Pop It” with Megan Thee Stallion, it’s going to be a big song. We made a million in one day on YouTube. We work. “

My highlights so far have been: “I met Diddy. I’ve been around him four or five times. He just yelled at me on his page.” Yo, Freddie is next! “He just supported me. [I met him at] the Stripper Bowl in Miami last year. I have videos and everything. It was quite bright. “

Most people don’t know: “I can cook. I’m from Arkansas. A lot of people think I’m from Atlanta.”

I’ll be next: “One on top!”

Follow Bankroll Freddie on SoundCloud and Instagram.

Stand out:

“Drip Like Dis (Remix)” with Lil Baby and Young Dolph

“Rich Off Grass”

“Pop It” with Megan Thee Stallion


Big bank

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