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From blues to hip-hop, the 20-year-old Memphis singer-rapper Kevo Muney capitalized on his city’s legendary roots when he first came to the game. Now known for his 2020 ‘Leave Some Day’ melodic banger, Kevo made his debut in music as a singer at the age of 6. Growing up in a city with such a rich blues history moved a young Kevo, thanks to his mother playing the genre around him as a child. He then began to sing in church, around his path, and wherever he went. By the time he was in seventh grade he started to come of age, having a team of friends who were still playing rap. That’s when he switched to hip-hop. Even as a young teenager, Kevo saw that he could play a specific role in hip-hop by mixing his blues sensibilities with rap music.

Kevo Muney started making noise locally with songs like his feature on “Deep End” by local Memphis rapper Fat Wizza in 2018, and Kevo’s own track, “Back Against The Wall,” the same year. The guitar-laden, country-tinged “Back Against The Wall” finds him bemoaning the issues he’s facing, but looking to the positive. “Who am I to turn to, back to the wall, can’t trust nobody / Let niggas change you, when we got the same blood / But it’s alright,” he said in a voice of imposing song. The track appears on Rhymer’s 2018 mixtape, Who am I (recharged). A year later, Kevo signed to Atlantic Records, then dropped his first tape, Kid, which has gone viral on social media due to its outrageous coverage, in which a goat, dressed in a hospital gown, gives birth to an adult Kevo.

Bringing melodies straight from Memphis, Kevo Muney’s powerful voice turns ears in his direction. In February 2020, he ditched the aforementioned “Leave Some Day”, a grim tribute to loved ones lost in his life, a perfect fit for his reality-based rap. The song resonated, and just over a year later it has been viewed 20 million times on YouTube and streamed over 16 million times on Spotify, has a recent remix with soaring. Lil durk on it, and now it’s the trail that puts Kevo on the map.

Amid all this momentum, Kevo gave up on the seven-track effort. Go away one day (Muney Mix) early March, which features some of the greatest songs of his career so far. He also released a new song last week, “I’m Golden”, and is working on his next project, Lucille’s grandson. He caught up XXL via Zoom recently to talk about how things are going these days and getting to this career high point in this week’s edition of The break.

Age: 20

Hometown: Memphis, Tenn.

I grew up listening to: “Blues. I grew up listening to Marvin Gaye, Marvin Sease, let me see, Otis Redding, BB King, Johnnie Taylor, Bobby Womack, Bobby” Blue “Bland. People like that.”

My style has been compared to: “People compare me to Rod wave, my boy Morray, he’s my boy. Derez De’Shon. That’s all. People like it. “

I will explode because: “I know from the way they treat me these days. Not that I haven’t, but it’s just now that everyone’s on my trail. Everyone just wants to be there. and everyone wants to know what I’m in. This is how I know people care more. At first I was just in my own world, doing my own thing, but now everyone wants to know this that I do every day. Yeah, that’s how it is. “

What’s your sleepiest song and why ?: “’Leave Some Day.’ I think it’s supposed to be bigger than it is. I don’t think enough people have felt it yet. That’s what I feel. Apparently they get it because it does what it does, but at the same time I feel like there are more people in the world going through a situation similar to what we are currently experiencing. . If 20 million people feel what I feel, I know 40 million are feeling it. So what’s going on with the song right now, it’s okay, but I want to do it better. “

My records to date have been: “‘Leave Some Day’ is the greatest song and bet [Lil] Durk on the remix, that was obvious to me. I think he does what he does because it’s timeless music. I think it’s a song that I could have released five years ago, or I could have kept it and released it in five years. What prompted me to make this song was to talk about my grandmother. My two grandmas were dead at that time. I was just thinking and I just walked out with it like that, just playing a song, thinking about different stuff. “

My highlights so far have been: “I had some great moments, but I don’t have a moment that stands out like, Damn, I can’t believe this happened, because I’m not gonna lie, believe it or not, not on arrogant shit or nothing, but I’ve really planned my whole life. I’m not gonna lie. I don’t know if it’s going to fail or not, I don’t know if everything that I planned is going to happen or not, but I’ve been planning my whole life. So some of the shit that happened, I look at that shit like, about the hour, shit. I’m 20, but in Same time, I’ve been I’ve been doing this shit since I was 12. So whatever I do now I feel like I must have done it. “

Most people don’t know: “I wanted to play basketball, for real. How seriously I take my music is how seriously I took basketball, but I couldn’t avoid trouble. But it really is. what I wanted to do. Music has always been my side thing, it’s something I did on the side, in my spare time. It’s something that people don’t know about me. Some don’t know I can really sing. I see people see some of this Auto-Tune stuff, but when I’m in the studio I use Auto-Tune just to be more versatile and just because I’m in the studio and because I know how powerful technology is and just because I know you can make yourself ring any way you want, from a computer. “

I’ll be next: “Hall of Famer”.

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Stand out:

“Go one day”

“Leave Some Day (Remix)” with Lil Durk

“I am golden”

Don’t Know Me Action Pack

Go away one day (Muney Mix)

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