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Music has a way to connect family and change a life path for the best of those who have the talent to take this passion for song to the next level. This is the case with TheHxliday, a teenage rapper from Baltimore who was introduced to music by his mother, the lead singer of the city’s local rock band called Chick Flick. He even founded his own group, Versus the World, at the age of 5. Seeing his mother play was inspiring, and he had his own chance to actualize his interest in continuing to play at age 13.

It was at this age that his mother showed him how to use GarageBand, Apple’s audio program. TheHxliday used the workstations to create rhythmic loops, and eventually re-made Common and John Legend’s “Glory” on the program after finding the beat online. The then-budding artist did this to earn a chance to sing a track solo in high school, and his plan worked. Years later, the newcomer rap singer who based his name on his vacation romances has two projects under his belt, two music videos directed by Cole Bennett: “Mistakes” and “Save Me” are both viewed about 5 times. million times on YouTube — A contract with Motown Records and a budding music career.

But before those big moves he made, TheHxliday decided to continue doing covers after the success he had with the cover of “Glory”. In 2018, when he was 15, he also covered Rae Sremmurd’s “Powerglide”. The track exploded on SoundCloud, getting a million streams in a week – it now boasts over 7 million streams. At this time, TheHxliday’s own song “Enemy” He was gaining momentum and he began to build a more loyal fan base. With this kind of online pull, he also started getting all kinds of DMs from people who wanted to work with him. The newcomer rap singer chose his manager, Trap, among these DMs; an improvised decision he made during the hangover for the first time. The move helped change TheHxliday’s life as he pushed himself headfirst into the music industry, bringing to a close what was already a crazy 2018.

TheHxliday kept the hybrid of songs coming in 2019 with the piano banger “Mistakes” and the striking ode “Messages”, two heartfelt tracks about wanting your daughter back, which encompasses her hip-hop fusion style. , rock, pop and R&B. “So don’t give up what we have / Before it’s too late (Before it’s too late) / There’s no room for mistakes, uh (There’s no room for mistakes) / Baby, can’t you hear, yuh? ”he delivers to the mid-tempo groove of“ Mistakes ”. There have been a lot of acts that have rapped and sung to more emo-centric hip-hop beats in the SoundCloud scene, but TheHxliday is more polished than some of his contemporaries, with solid writing and a skillful understanding of the way. to put pieces together. . Its 2020 project, Broken rooms, and Batbxy, released in 2021, showcases its local talents.

Last year a major moment in TheHxliday’s career came to fruition. He signed to Motown Records in August 2020, choosing the legendary label over others because he felt comfortable with the team and the deal matched his goals. Armed with a major label behind him and his next EP, The most beautiful disaster, on the way, TheHxliday makes his way into the game and enjoys the trip. Discover his story in this week’s edition of XXLof The break.

Age: 19

Hometown: Baltimore

I grew up listening to: “My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, Paramore, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson. That’s a lot of people. Then the SoundCloud wave arrived. I was listening Trippie [Redd] and X[XXTentacion], Ski [Mask The Slump God], [Lil] Skies.”

My style has been compared to: “So I’m early Trippie redd. I hear people say Trippie Redd early when it comes to music sometimes. I can really say that all the time. I see people would say Jaden smith. I heard people say X. I heard people say Juice [Wrld], [Swae Lee]. “

I will explode because: “It’s crazy because it’s like every time I … feel like it’s funny. Every time I go through something mentally, okay, I take it on my music and stuff, but this is always something happening, it’s always knocked me down
in the game. It’s always something that has given me my head back, focused. So I feel that there is
signs that always tell me, ‘Keep working, keep going crazy, and keep improving my sound. “I will get a call from someone different every other day. I just got a call from Skrillex, and it was crazy to me. He called me to tell me he likes my music. So that tells me something. “

What’s your sleepiest song and why ?: “‘Messages’ this song is way too harsh. Every time this song comes along it never ages me and my fans say the same thing. I love making music, for real.”

My records to date have been: “My biggest song is definitely ‘Mistakes’ is one of them. It was the first one that gave me a different audience, even to this day I see posts every day. Like people who tell me they just ran into “Mistakes”. ‘There again
wins fans. This is the one that stands out a lot. This is Cole [Bennett]My favorite song. That’s why we did it first. “

My highlights so far have been: “Certainly between Rolling Loud and I would also say that the Forbes is also quite big. It was a [Rolling Loud] direct. I was on the first one they did. “

Most people don’t know: “I love horror movies. I’m going to have to say Chainsaw Massacre. That’s it, right there. “

I’ll be next: “Super star.”

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