The game lists its top 10 rappers alive


The game is the latest rhymer to share his list of his top favorite rappers.

On Thursday May 6, the Compton rapper tweeted his top 10 rappers, still alive. He wrote: “My list of the top ten living rappers in order (without myself) 1. Jay Z 2. NAS 3. Lil wayne 4. Eminem 5. Kendrick [Lamar] 6. Snoop dogg 7. Duck 8. Andre 3000 9. J. Cole ten. Lil baby (And by the way, I’ll go bar for bar with anyone on this list). “

Many people weighed in on Game’s list of revered rhymes and also the feeling that he said he could go “bar for bar” with one of the artists he named.

One person tweeted: “I love this list, I would only remove Em. Almost everyone on this list has influenced hip-hop. Em doesn’t add anything to hip-hop. We overrated his entire career. . “

Another typed, “Lil Baby [laughing emoji] where Kxng Crooked, Ransom, Benny The Butcher, these three I named are 1000% better than Lil Baby. Shit Crook, the best lyricist in the west at the moment. “

A third person said, “I would take Snoop Dogg and Lil Baby for Kanye and Lupe, but everything else is solid.”

A few rappers on The Game’s roster have shared their own list of top MCs in the past.

In May of last year, Drake shared his five favorite rhymes: Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, The Notorious BIG, Andre 3000 and OVO Hush aka Young Tony.

The next month, Eminem revealed his greatest rappers on the whole list, naming: Lil Wayne, Tupac Shakur, Royce 5’9 “, Jay-Z, Redman, Treach of Naughty by Nature, Kool G. Rap, The Notorious BIG, Kxng Crooked, LL Cool J, Nas, Joyner Lucas, Kendrick Lamar , J. Cole, AndrĂ© 3000, Rakim and Big Daddy Kane.

In August 2020, Snoop also came up with his roster. He said via Instagram: Slick Rick, Ice Cube, LL Cool J, KRS-One, Rakim, Run from Run-DMC, Big Daddy Kane, Ice-T and Too $ hort. Prior to Snoop Dogg speaking about his favorite rhymes, he noted that Em is not included. Snoop explained that Eminem couldn’t compete with the rappers of the 1980s.

See more reactions to The Game’s Top 10 Rappers below.

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