The Most Essential DaBaby Songs You Must Hear


In the rap world, you really never know when the next star will arrive. Some performers tend to take off quickly while others take a little longer to climb to the top. After spending years and years on the grind mixtape in her hometown of Charlotte, NC, DaBaby hit the dirt when the video for his song “Walker Texas Ranger” went viral in 2018. From there he dropped his Blank Blank mixtape in November of that year, and began her cover, with her debut album, Baby on baby, coming a few months later in March 2019. Now a regular Billboard Hot 100 with three platinum albums –Baby on baby, Church and Blame it on baby-a 2019 XXL First-year student honor and two Billboard Music Awards, DaBaby arrived and released some memorable songs along the way. To facilitate navigation in its catalog, XXL creates a listening guide to his most essential songs.

To put it lightly, DaBaby has blows. Whether it’s her four-time platinum debut single, “Suge”, or more recent mega-hits like the Top 100 on the Hot 100 charts “Rock star“with Roddy Ricch, DaBaby has made a name for himself with huge songs. It wouldn’t be correct if these tracks weren’t highlighted here, as they helped solidify the 29-year-old rapper’s name, and in the case of “Rock star,” propel him to another level of glory. The effort saw him surpass the Hot 100 for seven weeks last year.

This showcase of DaBaby’s most essential songs isn’t all about hits, to be honest. There are plenty of deep, strong cuts like the short, eye-catching “Carpet Burn” and “Baby on Baby Out Now Freestyle,” which showcases his skill level when it comes to bars and flow. DaBaby entered the game being extremely skilled with a unique flow and also being lyrical; his less advertised songs tend to illustrate this.

Check out the most essential DaBaby songs you must hear and find your favorites below.

  • “Baby On Baby Out Now Freestyle”


  • “Baby sitter”

    DaBaby with Offset

  • “Rock star”

    DaBaby with Roddy Ricch

  • “Walker Texas Ranger”


  • “4x”

    DaBaby with Stunna 4 Vegas

  • “Baby”

    Quality control, DaBaby and Lil Baby

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