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You never know until you try. Before rap, Louisville, Ky. Native IS Gee was jostling in his town, but considered that there might be a place for him in hip-hop around his path. According to him, he had the blessing of the street. After Gee was arrested for drug trafficking in 2016, who locked him up and then placed under house arrest, Gee saw Lil baby rhyming on television and regarded him as a cognate spirit. In 2018, the aspiring rhymer was doing songs in a bathroom recording studio. Since he was not under house arrest in May of that year, Gee was able to make more progress towards his fledgling career. At the time, he was already making noise for himself with songs like “New Number” and creating his own buzz in his hometown.

Along the way he also found a friend at 2020 XXL Freshman Jack Harlow. The two artists are from the same city but make radically different types of music. EST Gee is a full-fledged, one-of-a-kind street rapper with a distinctive voice. Her flow and lyrics include solid wisdom, unwavering truth, and extremely vivid stories that bring it all together. Gee’s sound can be heard on Harlow’s debut album in 2020, This is what they all say, on the song “Route 66”, on which the two played Jimmy Kimmel Live! in january of this year. The experience is one of Gee’s most defining moments to date.

While good times like this have happened during Gee’s ascent to the top, sadly he has already seen tragedy and tribulation. In September 2019, he was shot five times in a vehicle in Louisville after completing a video shoot with Sada Baby. One of the bullets hit him in the eye and the other four entered his stomach. He survived and recovered, but then faced the deaths of his brother and mother in 2020.

While Gee still mourns their deaths, his profile grows. His videos on YouTube are constantly getting views, especially the visual for the remix of “Get Money” with Yo Gotti, which has nearly 3 million views and shows what the streets of Louisville look like. And despite the pandemic that took over last year, he dropped the mixtape Ion Feel Nun, in March 2020, which features an image of himself with his eye blindfolded on the cover, then followed up with I still don’t feel like a nun project in mid-December. Prior to these two efforts, he published the projects El Toro and Bloody die in 2019.

Now EST Gee is connected to Yo Gotti‘s CMG and Interscope Records. Gotti welcomed the rap newcomer to his team by giving him $ 750,000 at the end of January, the moment captured on Instagram. More, he won a follower in Lil Baby, the same rapper Gee saw making his way for him when he first started rapping. Baby and Gee have a collaboration on the way. It’s all come together for EST Gee, this week’s featured artist in XXLof The break.

Age: 26

Hometown: Louisville, Ky.

I grew up listening to:Boosie [BadAzz], [Yo] Gotti, Gucci [Mane], To come up. I have the impression that everyone listened to them. I may be wrong though. They were just talking about gangsta shit. My daddy used to listen to gangster stuff. It was just what was told to me the most, what was going on around me. It was easy to listen to because I understood it. “

My style has been compared to: “Everyone says I make them feel what the Olympics do, and [Yo] Gotti and … how that shit felt back then. They say I make them feel that way. They don’t think I’m like them either, but as far as just coming with their own money, a bunch of niggas with their own money. There are only a few rappers who can say that they came like us or that they come like us. You hear about this type of shit, but you can’t see it. And especially not from Louisville, Kentucky. “

I will explode because: “I’m talking to you. I’m not locked up. I’m not dead. I’ve been shot five times. I’ve been shot in the eye and stomach four times. I could be dead, can you feel? Miami right now, looking at the skyline. Miami, on the beach. I’m far from where I’m from. I’m fine. “

What’s your sleepiest song and why ?: “I don’t feel like I don’t have any song that people have slept on. That’s why I have the same type of reaction to every song. the views and shit on the videos, that only goes as far as you promote something like putting it on the vlogging site or shit like that. I don’t even really care about the views. C It’s just like more cultural impact. I know if I do a show, they want to hear that song. It means more to me than the number of views I’ve had shit. People walk up to me and recite shit from a song or recite certain things from a song. Sometimes they do it on songs that haven’t gotten the most views. “

My records to date have been: “‘Earn money.’ Everyone’s on it Lil Baby, [42] Dugg, [Yo] Gotti. Like the trap, everywhere. Everywhere was street niggas fucking with that song, “Get Money”. It was like a hymn. It was good because it was like people knew us for real. If you are an OG or someone who has been here. You can’t stare at us or stare at me and not see the shit you’ve been through on your own. It was my fastest video, I got to a million. I think that bitch went to a million in a month. “

My highlights so far have been: “Be certain Jimmy kimmel [Live!]. It’s probably … I didn’t even understand how big it was at first, but I send my boy a shout, Jack harlow. My Jack, man. Jack was a fan of me out of nowhere, like we didn’t know each other or nothing and he was supportive of me. Fuck with me ever since. How he acts then is how he acts now. He never, never, never changed. And he confused me. I just wanna say, ‘Shit, why does he like this shit?’ “

Most people don’t know: “I’m a Taurus. I don’t know. I’m in astrology. I love astrology. They and my grannies are in deep shit like that. My grandmother, my chick, she is really spiritual. She is in shit like that. “

I’ll be next:
“I don’t really wanna be the next nothing, I just wanna be Gee. Whatever it is. Superstar. I just wanna be me.”

Follow EST Gee on SoundCloud and Instagram.

Stand out:

“Earn money”

“Ball Forever”

“Members only” with 42 Dugg

“Special (Remix)” with Moneybagg Yo

I still don’t feel like a nun

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