TI and Tiny under investigation by police for sexual assault


IT and his wife, Tiny Harris, are currently under investigation by the LAPD following a allegation of sexual assault and drugs against the couple.

According to a report by The daily beast On Monday May 17, an anonymous woman, whose identity has not been released, spoke to detectives virtually last month, claiming she was assaulted by the couple in 2005.

Another woman named Rachelle Jenks also filed a police report. Jenks, who is portrayed by Tyrone A. Blackburn – the attorney for several other women with allegations against Tip and Tiny – reported her charges earlier this month in Las Vegas. However, at the time of the report, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has not confirmed whether or not their investigation has been initiated.

The unnamed woman is also portrayed by Blackburn.

Steve Sadow, lawyer for TI and Tiny, made a statement to XXL on behalf of the couple, Tuesday, May 18. Sadow said, “The Harrises have not spoken or been contacted by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), the Las Vegas Police Department (LVPD) or, in fact, any member of the law enforcement agencies of the United States. any other jurisdiction in the country. ”

“Even assuming the Daily Beast story is close to correctness, it appears that the LAPD ‘accuser’ once again chose to remain anonymous, thus preventing us from being able to refute or disprove. refute his claims – or even examine them, ”the statement continues. “Meanwhile, although we now appear for the first time to have the name of an ‘accuser’ who allegedly filed a police report with the LVPD, we have absolutely no details of his claim.”

Allegations against TI and Tiny The first time online, in January, after Atlanta-based entrepreneur Sabrina Peterson allegedly shared sexual abuse and drug abuse allegations of at least 30 women via social media. Peterson also claimed Tip fired a gun at her at one point.

As the allegations appear to have gained momentum, Blackburn has come forward as legal counsel to 11 alleged victims who made allegations against the couple in Georgia and California.

Tyrone A. Blackburn first sent letters to federal prosecutors in Georgia and California in February, asking authorities to investigate the ATL-bred couple. At the time, the lawyer said his clients’ claims were “eerily similar” and dated as far back as 2005 and were as recent as 2017 or 2018.

Last month there were 20 alleged victims.

Famous lawyer Lisa Bloom has also come forward to represent two alleged victims.

TI and Tiny have categorically denied all the allegations made against them.

XXL has contacted LAPD, LVMPD, a representative of TI and Tiny, and their attorney for comment on this matter.

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