Timbaland’s trends after his past comments on Aaliyah Resurface


Timbaland was a social media talking point today (March 10) after a redesign of a ten-year-old interview online, in which he commented on his feelings towards the late R&B singer. Aaliyah, leaving many people skeptical and worried.

In December 2011, the producer from Virginia E! True Hollywood Story aired on E! and in the 40-minute program, which recounted many occurrences in TimbalandThe life of his childhood until he settled in the music industry and more, he revealed that he was in love with Aaliyah.

“When I first met Aaliyah, it was time for the world to hear her,” he said. “I’m going to let go of a little secret, I was in love with her. I said but she’s just a baby, I’m old. I thought to myself, I’m just gonna be her brother. Oh man, I was. I was fighting. I was fighting a great war but I loved Aaliyah. “

Timbaland and his musical crime partner Missy Elliott both met Aaliyah in 1995, while working on the Babygirl effort in 1996, One in a million. At the time, Aaliyah was 16 while Timbo was 23.

Since today is Timbaland’s birthday, it seems that is why the conversation about his past comments may have erupted. Due to the apparent age gap, many people on Twitter have shared their thoughts on the hip hop the beatmaker’s confession.

“Timbaland is a wild nigga to admit he married his wife cause she reminded him Aaliyah. Some stuff just stays in your head, ”one person tweeted.

Another social media user wrote: “You just found out what Timbaland said about Aaliyah … he literally said in an interview that he had a crush on her when he was 23 and she was 15/16 and he married his wife because she reminded him … ???. “

On the episode, Timbaland later spoke about his ex-wife Monique Mosley, saying that when he first saw her he knew it would be his wife and also compared her to Aaliyah.

“When I first saw her I said this is the girl I’m going to marry because she reminds me of Aaliyah,” Timbo said, adding that he thought he saw a ghost when he Spotted Monique for the first time.

The same clip from that 2011 episode resurfaced in 2019, when the Survivor R. Kelly docuseries aired on Lifetime.

XXL contacted a representative of Timbaland for comment.

Check out the full episode below. Timbaland talks about Aaliyah around 5:59 pm.

See more reactions to Timbaland’s comments on Aaliyah below.

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