Toosii and Blxst 2021 XXL Freshman Cypher


2021 XXL First year students Toosii and Blxst work the same as R&B guys at heart who are good on the streets. The content of their music will zigzag between the themes of broken hearts in one bar and focus on the spray of heat that will make the faces of their enemies recoil in the following one. Whether it’s singing or rapping, they can refine both. The two talented performers keep him together in a figure that was originally supposed to include other hard-hitting acts like Kid Laroi, who could not participate at the last minute, and Iann Dior, who chose not to rap on the day of the set for Freshman. Toosii, representing Syracuse, NY and Raleigh, NC, and Blxst, from South Central, LA, deliver straight bars to uppercut their enemies and flex as they climb.

Blxst begins with a verse about setting foot in the door, then putting it on the necks of one’s competition. On a serene flute-dominant arrangement created by Nick mira and ThankYouWill, Blxst uses just over 40 seconds to let disconnected people know that he has already been considered the chosen one to put the The west coast on the back.

“Westside, I gave heart to my rib / Jump off the porch and they gave me the torch / Two places I won’t go back, of course / It’s broken and it’s gone,” rhyme it, bouncing to the beat. Before the curtains close on his worms, the up-and-coming artist announces that he will, in fact, retain that same big dog energy in the future. “Foot on your neck if you don’t give yours / Yeah, I came for seconds and more / I wrote a check, baby I have to charge / So double my exes, I make it big, forever . “

Toosii plays the role of a closer, clearing the beat for nearly two full minutes. The first half of his section features lyrics from his unreleased track “Ms. Parker”, a dedication to the applause Friday character. “How are you, Mrs. Parker? / That’s the bad tree you wanna bark / I turn a grown woman into a stalker / You want a young nigga?” It’s going to cost you dearly, he spits.

The talent of Down South continues to let loose in his thoughts, detailing his ability to ease his pain like a prescription narcotic. He recognizes what he brings to the table, but shows more admiration than anything else, as he greets everything from the trembling in her sundress to the words of encouragement she offers. Toosii’s confessional ends with a quick mention of being gushed, which real people never hesitate to admit. “You make me evil, but you sent me from heaven, the way you put it on me, grab the Holy Spirit / We have something special what we have going on, nobody knows”, he said.

Peep Toosii and Blxst’s 2021 XXL First-year student cypher, powered by FX’s Dave, below.

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