Toosii remembers the best party of his life from Future


Before Toosii was making hit songs and receiving RIAA Gold certification for his single “Love Cycle”, the Raleigh, NC-born rapper, born in Syracuse, NY, did moves on a different pitch, one with yard markers and a turf green. He took the sport of football seriously and did the same when it came to his music. Along with his career, Toosii also emphasizes financial literacy and longevity, but he also enjoys having fun, like the time he went to the “best party of his life” hosted by Future. Although his demeanor is calm, Toosii’s outlook on life is insightful, which he takes a closer look at in his version of XXL‘s ABC.

To take it up a notch, Toosii uses the luxury brand Audemars Piguet watch for the letter A. “A stands for Audemars because I want an Audemars Piguet,” he says. Then he humbly flosses his necklaces for the letter B, using chopsticks as his favorite word. “B means chopsticks for the chopsticks of my necklace”, expresses the rapper. However, he still has a keen interest in ensuring that his income is long standing.

For D, Toosii chooses Dogecoin, a type of cryptocurrency. “D stands for Dogecoin,” says the rising rhymer, who scrapped his Thank You for Believing project in May. “I was thinking of investing in this. When it comes to me and investing, I watch a lot of interviews. So I look a lot like Jeff Besos, Bill Gates, Nipsey Hussle. Like, I watch a lot of interviews like that so it’s important to me because I want my money to last a lifetime. More than a life, you know? Instead of being here while I’m here.

Jumping to the letter F, Toosii chronicles his time as a slotback on his high school football team. He even suggests fans head over to youtube to check out his highlight reel – watch here. K conjures up a momentous moment for the rapper that involves Future. After picking up bribes for the letter K and calling them “the worst kind of party,” Toosii recalls the time he went to the Atlanta rhymers party: “That’s a funny one. history, I went to a Future party and, like, it was like the best in my life. I’ve never seen so many women, ever, like a day in my life. Yeah, it was on . I now have a girlfriend. ”All said with a smile on her face.

For the letter T, the 21-year-old rhymer of course accompanies his rap nickname, but also shares the story of how he came to be. Toosii. “Growing up my sister and mom called me Tootabutt and he was a soccer player on my team who couldn’t say my name for real, so he called me Toosii…” he recalls.

ToosiiThe intuitive nature of s comes into play when the letter U appears. “U means underrated,” he adds in a neutral tone. “I never underestimate anyone.”

Learn more about Toosii in his ABCs below.

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