Town Girls Refuse To Respond To Amount Of ‘Act Up’ Lil Yachty Has Written


About three years ago City girls have dropped their Billboard-Charting single, “Act Up”. The following year it was revealed that their Music Quality Control label partner, Lil yachty, wrote the trail for them. Fast forward to 2021, and Yung Miami rap duo from South Florida prefers not to talk about Yachty’s contribution to his band’s song.

During an appearance on Real 92.3 Home radio Tuesday, July 6, Yung Miami and JT were asked about Lil Boat writing their record for success in 2018. To this question, Miami responds “Next”, while JT laughs.

It’s unclear why Yung Miami chose not to speak Lil Yachty writes a majority of “Act Up”. However, the songwriter’s credits currently read: Issac Bynum (Earl on the Beat) —who also produced the record — Caresha Brownlee (Yung Miami), Jatavia Johnson (JT) and Miles Parks McCollum (Lil Yachty).

Yachty 2019 interview with Kerwin frost It was at this point that he first spoke in detail about writing the song for the two ladies, with the exception of part of JT’s verse.

“One day I was in the studio with my best friend Earl and he played the beat,” said Boat. “And he was like, ‘write something for the City girls. ‘ And I was like, ‘OK.’ And I just did. “

He went on to share, “And when he came out … And [people were] so shocked. They didn’t believe it. And they started looking and they thought, “Well, that says …” He was by my real name, Miles McCollum. He said Miles McCollum, Jatavia Johnson, who is JT, then he said Issac Bynum, who is Earl. So maybe he did … You know how many Kanye has, 12 writers. Maybe he said something in the studio and they credited it. But I wrote the whole song except for the last verse from JT. But everything everyone sings … I wrote it all down. “

On how Yachty was able to write a song so appropriate for his bossy and shameless colleagues, he said, “I just thought like them. I know them personally and I know what women like to hear. I literally was sitting there like, ‘Yo, what’s that hot shit? ”So I just started to say it and then I went to the cabin.”

Scroll down to see JT and Yung Miami talking about “Act Up” at 12:55.

Check out Lil Yachty speaking on writing “Act Up” for the City Girls below around 9:30 pm.

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