Trippie Redd names her top five rappers


Every rapper has his favorites list and Trippie redd shared his five best rhymes.

During an interview for XXL spring 2021 issue of the magazine, currently on the stands, Trippie redd names a range of hip-hop artists from the Atlanta rap scene of the 1990s to the rappers of the SoundCloud era who have credited artist Trippie is today.

“Okay, [Lil] Wayne, Duck… I’m just going to say whatever I really listen to, “Trippie said.” Like, most music I’ve ever listened to from an artist … These must be my favorites because I clearly listen to them more than everyone else. So Wayne, Drake, I gotta put André [3000] in there. [Lil] Uzi [Vert] and [Playboi] Carti. I listen to a lot of crap. “

The rhymer, who has just announced his new song “Miss The Rage”, comes out this Friday, May 7, continues, explaining both the impact of Uzi and Carti on him.

“Listening to Uzi’s shit in 2015-16, that shit was different,” says Trippie. “And Carti, at the time. They were on another shit for young niggas. They did shit for us. They really opened the doors for us to do a lot of shit that we do. You know, them niggas The SoundCloud era I might not say it too much, but certainly they are part of the GOATs of our time. “

The old one 2018 XXL First-year student adds that he has these top picks from rappers influencing him because these artists openly embrace change and go against the grain.

“They made the change OK”, the “Excitation” explains the rapper. “Change is okay in every way because of these artists. Wayne started out so with the tatts and the grids. These niggas kicked in on a whole different shit. Just being completely different. Just like Andre 3000 was weird. He was… different, too. He’s a great guy, though. Wayne too. “

And as for Trippie reddThe three favorite albums? Two projects by Weezy F. Baby and one by the late XXXTentacion.

“People are going to hate me, but … [Tha] Carter III and [Tha] Carter IV. Carter IV crazy “, he shares.” And, when you run Carter III then run Carter IV, you like, what the hell ?! Crazy, I can’t live without these two albums. And I’m not gonna lie … ? [album], the shit that X did. It’s one of my favorite projects hands down because of its versatility and the way it masters everything on the dashboard. “

Trippie’s recent conversation with XXL comes months after the eclectic rapper went into his rock music bag and dropped his 14 tracks Neon Shark vs Pegasus (Deluxe – Presented by Travis Barker) album with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. The long-awaited album arrived on February 19. It’s also the follow-up to Trippie Redd’s 2020 effort, Pegasus.

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