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Ohio was already solidified on the rap map thanks to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Kid Cudi and other rimers that came before it. However, when Trippie redd hit the hip-hop scene around 2017, the state’s hip-hop sound has gone up a few notches. Known for both rap and vocals, Auto-Tune enhanced tracks and seemingly eclectic production rocking the rock music genre, which ultimately led to a rock album earlier this year, Trippie has covered a few basics in her music. Despite Trippie’s range of sounds, this hasn’t deterred producers from trying to replicate her sounds with Trippie redd type beats.

One thing about Trippie, he paints a portrait in his music. His abstract musical brushstrokes on love and life experiences are amplified by his production. On his first major mixtape, A love letter for you in 2017 the instrumentals aren’t as well tuned, but the use of punchy 808s and heavy bass on the “Love Scars” produced by Elliot Trent or the spiral vibrations with subtle guitar strings on the “Romeo & Juliet “produced by Goosetheguru to help bring Trippie’s point home.

The following year, in 2018, Trippie redd dropped his album, Life is a journey. The effort, which peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 album chart that year, has a more refined sound. On the film “Taking a Walk” produced by Scott Storch and Avedon, Trippie uses effervescent, jovial rhythm for her dark subject about death. A clear juxtaposition, the first 2018 XXL First-year student tells its story on a piano background with erratic ticks and prominent bass.

That same year, Trippie teamed up with the late Juice Wrld for “1400/999 Freestyle”. The uptempo production OZ and Pas Beats, which appears on A love letter for you 3, contains rhythmic drums, soft piano keys, subtle wind instruments, 808s and vibrant hats. The “Topanga” produced by ChopSquad DJ, consisting of a melting pot of ticks, warm piano keys, brilliant drums and a high pitched voiceover, is also on the album.

At A love letter for you 4, which also fell in 2019 and topped the Billboard 200 album chart in the same year, Trippie redd sometimes offers a more simplistic sound – like on “Who Needs Love”. The track, which has over 131 million streams on Spotify and was designed by Angel Lopez and Igor Mamet, is loaded with ascending guitar sounds, subdued bass, and mellow kicks.

On Trippie’s most recent effort, Neon Shark vs Pegasus (Deluxe – Presented by Travis Barker), released in February this year, the rapper merges his already large sound with rock sensations. The Travis Barker from “Pill Breaker” produced by Blink-182 with Barker, Machine Gun Kelly and Blackbear has energetic kicks, thrilling bass and stable guitar strings.

Trippie’s sound is constantly evolving, but the producers are obviously up for the challenge as they have continued to replicate the sounds that made the Canton, Ohio rapper famous. Check out some Trippie Redds type beats below.

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