Video of Black Rob in hospital bed surfaces, fans worried


Black rob is currently in hospital with an undisclosed illness.

On Saturday (April 10), a surprising video surfaced of the rapper lying in a hospital bed looking sick. In the clip, he gives a vague update on his state of health. “What’s up, man. What’s going on,” he begins. “I don’t know what the pain is… the pain is insane, man. It helps me, though. It makes me realize I have a lot to do, man.”

Rob seems to be holding back his pain as he struggles to speak, but takes time to offer kind words to the Late DMX who died on Friday (April 9) after suffering from a heart attack last week. “I feel everything about X,” Rob replied when asked how he felt about X’s passing. “X, a love, positive. A great love for X.”

The video was posted by entertainment director Kal Dawson. He captioned the clip, “Yall keep hip hop legendary Black Rob in your prayers I just went to see him and he asked me to set him up, he said he had a story to tell and that ‘he wanted to continue @drinkchamps but keep him in your prayers. “

The clip went viral and received a lot of attention from concerned fans on social media. “You might soon see a video of Black Rob drop on your timeline. I wasn’t ready for that,” one person posted on Twitter. “So much to deal with. I’m giving Twitter a rest for the night. Everyone, please continue to take care of yourself physically and mentally.”

“Pray for Black Rob,” typed rap journalist Tony M. Centeno. “Hopefully he recovers from whatever is causing him pain. We can’t lose another one.”

It’s unclear why the former Bad Boy artist, who is best known for his 2000 single “Whoa !,” is in the hospital. Back in 2013 he had a stroke in his sleep. After bouncing back he spoke with XXL about the recovery process in 2015. “After I had my stroke, I had to memorize all my bullshit, all my words,” he said. “I didn’t know them. So that was the biggest challenge. Years. It took years, man. I’ve been fucking that shit, I’ve been fighting that, with my baby mums, for years. took me a year to deal with all this shit, stressing out. Then it took me a year to memorize everything I had. Now I’m back, I don’t feel any pain, “he added .

Until March of this year, the 52-year-old Harlem, New York native was still playing and hosting events. XXL contacted Dawson for comment.

See more Twitter reactions from hip-hop fans concerned about Black Rob’s health below.

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