Video of Quavo and Saweetie’s physical altercation leaks


New video has surfaced online of an altercation between the former couple Quavo and Saweetie less than two weeks after their breakup was confirmed via social media.

According to a report by TMZ Tuesday, March 30, which contains the surveillance footage, the Migos member and Bay Area rapper are seen fighting inside what appears to be an apartment building. Saweetie is seen swinging towards Quavo as he catches him in an elevator. The “Press on“Rhymer was initially holding an orange Call of Duty suitcase, which she dropped to the floor after Quavo pushed it to the elevator floor.

As the video continues, Quavo is seen standing in the elevator, which is likely moving to another floor as the doors are closed, while part of Saweetie’s body is under the clip lying on the floor. Although the Music quality control the artist looks at Saweetie, he offers her no help. At one point, the elevator doors open and a man is seen standing, appearing to be waiting for the elevator, but he doesn’t go up. Instead, the doors close.

When the elevator doors finally open, Quavo walks out with the orange suitcase in hand while Saweetie gets up and appears to limp out of the elevator.

It is not known what triggered the incident, but it appears the couple may have been fighting over the suitcase or possibly the contents inside.

The outlet claims they were in an apartment complex in North Hollywood, which Saweetie was supposed to rent at the time. TMZ also notes that the incident allegedly took place in 2020.

Saweetie first confirmed his breakup with Quavo March 19. She tweeted: “I’m single. I’ve endured too much betrayal and suffering behind the scenes for a false story to circulate that degrades my character. Gifts don’t heal scars and love isn’t. . real when intimacy is given to other women. I checked emotionally long ago and left with a deep sense of peace and freedom. Excited for this new chapter of upliftment. “

A little after, Quavo responded with his own Twitter message. He wrote: “I know you want to make a show of it, so I will play my part just once. I don’t put my business there normally, especially my personal life. I feel the need to address this issue. . there are no false accounts. ”Later, adding,“ I had love for you and I’m disappointed you did all of this. You are not the woman I thought you were. were. I only wish you the best. “

Quavo and Saweetie were together for almost three years before going their separate ways.

XXL contacted a representative of Saweetie and Quavo for comment.

Watch the video below.

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