Waka Flocka Flame will drop 8 balls before Flockaveli 2


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Waka Flocka Flame is on fire with another season of his TV show and new music on the way.
Interview: Aleia Woods
Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared in the Spring 2021 issue of XXL Magazine, on the stands now.

Flame Waka Flocka, known for his success of the evening spanning the last decade, also has a few other proud titles under his belt: Husband, Father, and Reality TV Star. Waka, his wife Tammy Rivera and their daughter Charlie entered the second season of their reality TV series We tv, Waka & Tammy: What is Flocka. When the 35-year-old rapper isn’t in front of the camera he’s teasing new music for his upcoming album, Flockaveli 2. Find out what Waka has to say about his two careers.

XXL: You said you wanted your reality TV show to look like the modern version of Cosby lounge, with you to promote family and fatherhood. How does it feel to be a rapper who promotes that kind of positivity?

Waka Flocka Flame: I’m just living God’s purpose. I know why I live and to live is to show love. And for me to show love, I can’t be in love. Being in love is an emotion, so I have to show love. This is what I want to do. I m 35 years old. I can’t wait to turn 40. My daughter is about to turn 16. I can’t wait for her to turn 18. For the first time a little boy came to my house for Valentine’s Day and exchanged flowers with my daughter and he came with his mother. It’s a time money can’t buy. Even though I didn’t like it, I was crazy as hell, but it still felt good to go through it. Even with the shit I went through with my wife, I wish God never hurt her in my life. As a 35 year old man, I know exactly what to do. Now it’s like, shit [what] I do today is because I want to do it. Because God allows me to do it. Shit feels good and it’s not shit.

You talked about letting go Flockaveli 2 For a little. Is there anything you can say about the new music coming up?

Yes. What I will do is I will drop a CD before Flockaveli 2. I feel like I’m selling fans running out of Flockaveli 2 and I was selling them short of an EP. The fans haven’t received a doping tape from me yet. Before they had a good album, they had fiery records, fiery CDs to listen to and build on my sound and learn to fall in love with it. This is the approach I am taking now. I’m about to get ready to drop a record called 8 balls. I named it 8 balls Because I feel like I have the game in my corner pocket.

Do you have a timeline of when fans will have 8 balls?

It was in March, but I had a liquidation problem on an album and it screwed up. They will definitely get it before my birthday, May 31st. I have my single that I am in the process of releasing called “Wet” and another single that I am releasing. I put them together because I’m a Gemini, so I have to keep them apart. And I have a record called “Dread Shaking”.

Everyone is still struggling with the pandemic. What adjustments have you made that you will continue to make in your normal life?

During the lockdown, I realized that the man in the mirror was my biggest enemy. It was the person … myself. I healed myself. I swear, this lock taught me how to heal myself. And now I feel like … that shit made me love myself, yo. It let me know that I was born to show love to people. That’s what made me great as a rapper because I showed love to everyone. That’s what made me feel good on the streets because I showed love to everyone.

Are you planning to get vaccinated?

No, I don’t. Nothing in the world would get me vaccinated. No money, no law, nothing. If I can’t fly, then guess what? I’ll drive the muthafucka. If I can’t interact with people I’m cool. I’m going to isolate myself, stay on my stage. Isolate me, get off the stage. But I am not taking any vaccine. My medicine grows on trees. My medicine is tree bark, so I’m fine.

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