Waka Flocka talks about people registering to help the homeless


Waka Flocka shared his thoughts on people who register helping the less fortunate.

In a social media video, which began circulating online on Sunday, February 28, Waka spoke out against those who feel the need to record their good deed of helping or feeding the homeless.

“You know what?,” Waka started in the clip. “When I do good deeds I never record or take pictures because why would I catch a person at the bottom of their life? And besides, I don’t need a visual of what I did well. this and that shit is the feeling and it’s something you can’t take from me You know what I’m saying? [Or] take from them. It’s a real human trait. So to see someone marketing he will feed the homeless himself or feed someone who needs help, to me you are cheesy, man.

He added: “I just have to tell you that.”

Apart Waka Flocka sounding out on people who basically exploit the less fortunate, he’s been a bit low-key on the cutting edge of music lately. His most recent effort, the Salute me or shoot me 7 mixtape, dropped in April 2020. Previously it offered Mollywood in June 2019. That same year, Waka also released the sixth installment of its Salute me or pull me series, Say hi or shoot me 6, in April 2019.

He does, however, have a reality show with his wife, Tammy Rivera, called Waka & Tammy: What is Flocka, which will air on the WE network later this month.

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