YFN Lucci and PnB Rock ordered to pay Rackboy Cam $ 1.7 million


Rapper from New Jersey Rackboy Cam accused YFN Lucci and PnB Rock of steal their track “Everyday We Lit” in 2018, and Cam officially received a million dollar judgment from the lawsuit in her favor.

According to Cam’s lawyer, Christopher W. Niro, the rhymer was awarded $ 1.7 million following his copyright infringement lawsuit against YFN Lucci and PnB Rock. As previously reported, Rackboy Cam, born Anthony Campbell, claimed in 2018 that rappers from Atlanta and Philadelphia, respectively, stole his 2016 song “Everything Be Lit” with Maino and Vado, and used it for their hit record “Everyday We Lit”. Producer June James, who created the beat for “Everyday We Lit,” has also been charged with infringement. In court documents obtained by XXL, Cam alleged that the lyrics and hook of “Everything Be Lit” and “Everyday We Lit” are similar.

In the documents, YFN Lucci and PnB Rock are said to have profited nearly $ 7 million from the song. “On September 2, 2020, the court issued a 22-page order analyzing the evidence presented by Campbell. [Doc. No. 113]. In that order, the court determined that the benefit to the defendants from the infringing work was $ 6,697,068, ”the document said.

On October 1, 2020, PnB Rock appealed the court order determining the profits and declaring the defendants jointly and severally liable. On January 22, 2021, the appeal was dismissed for incompetence.

YFN Lucci and PnB Rock will have to pay Cam $ 1,447,720. “As the defendants did not provide proof of deductible expenses, the court determined that [YFN Lucci] and [PnB Rock]The profit from the counterfeit work is $ 1,447,720. [Rackboy Cam] has the right to recover this amount from [YFN Lucci] and [PnB Rock]jointly and severally ”, reads the document.

Cam is also entitled to his legal fees of $ 4,576.82 and he will receive nearly $ 268,000 in pre-judgment interest and a running royalty. “The Copyright Act allows the court to award the winning party in an infringement action his“ full costs. ”17 USC § 505. Campbell submitted statements of his attorney setting his costs at 4,578.62 $. [Doc. Nos. 110-1, 110-2]. The court concludes that Campbell is entitled to recover his costs in the amount of $ 4,576.82, ”the document states.

Rackboy Cam said XXL in a statement, “It has been a very long and tedious process. I am grateful for the result, and I am thankful that everything is behind me. I am delighted to return to the studio and continue to create music for my fans .. I wish all parties the best in current and future endeavors. “

Meanwhile, a statement from attorney Niro said: “The case was referred to the district court where on March 3, 2021, Campbell obtained a judgment of more than $ 1.4 million, nearly $ 268,000 in prejudgment interest, a running royalty, plus costs and injunction against James and Allen’s exploitation of the infringing work. “

YFN Lucci and PnB Rock’s “Every day we light up” discontinued in 2016, and it appears on the artist’s debut EP Think It’s a Game Records, Long live the nut. The song peaked at No.33 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and was certified gold by the RIAA on October 16, 2017.

XXL contacted the representatives of YFN Lucci and PnB Rock for a commentary on the trial judgment.

Check out the two songs to compare below.

Rackboy Cam “Everything Be Lit” with Maino and Vado

YFN Lucci and PnB Rock “Everyday We Lit”

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